In the average semester, I may teach half a dozen classes for the museum, though for several years now, I’ve been encouraging the professors to utilize the museum more effectively and let us show the students what a rich source of information the museum can be. I have taught more classes last week and this week than I have since I’ve been doing my current job, and I’ve been loving it. I’ve really enjoyed getting to work with all of the freshmen and be able to talk about the museum and show them some of what we do as museum professionals.

Some of the professors have come in seeming a little skeptical of what we are doing, but by the time I finish with the class, they have been awed with my teaching style and the class I have created for them. Well, maybe “awed” is overstating it a little, but I think I have certainly been able to impress them. I had two different professors for three of my classes yesterday. The first professor…I have a total crush on him. He’s so damn cute and sweet. He’s younger than me, but he was really enthusiastic and was helping with the students without getting in my way, which hasn’t been the case with all of the professors. I’ll be teaching another section of this guy’s class again tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to it. I also think he might bat for our team. I definitely got a bit of a ping on my gaydar. At the end of the class, we were talking about the number of times I’ve taught this, and when I told him, he said, “You’d think it was your first time.” For a second I was worried he thought I had done an awful job, but then he said, “You teach with such enthusiasm and passion to have taught this so many times in the last week or so.” So, I took that as a compliment.

I taught two sections for the other professor. The first one didn’t go as planned. I think as a tenured professor, he was reticent to have someone else come in and teach his class. He also didn’t want me discussing and guiding the students during the activity I had for them. However, once the first class was over, his attitude changed completely. He let me teach the class as I had been teaching and spending time with each of the students guiding them through the assignment. I think he saw that I really did know what I was doing, and he was quite impressed and told me as much after the second class. I’m a charmer, and I’m good at what I do, as long as I’m allowed to do it my way. I think he came to understand that during the classes.

I’ve gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback from students and professors alike. I worked very hard to get this class to be exactly what I wanted, and for the most part, it’s gone very well. I hope that continues for the rest of the week. Of course, there have been some students who acted bored with the whole thing. Either they knew “all about it already” and didn’t need my guidance (in each case, they were wrong), or they were too “cool” to actually do the work and put in the least amount of effort, to which they regretted when I made them talk to the class about their assignment. I make them all do this, but they quickly realize when they haven’t done the work, they just look like an idiot because it’s not a difficult assignment. One student got pissed because I wouldn’t let them have their iced coffee in the museum. Seriously, it’s a museum. We have a sign that clearly says no food or beverages allowed. The troublesome students who are the exceptions have been few and far between. For the most part, they have been really engaged with the material.

PS I used the picture above because I really need to do some laundry so I’ll look presentable the rest of the week. I wasn’t able to do laundry this weekend because I had a bad migraine. We had storms all day yesterday and are expecting more today, and weather changes seem to be the main thing these days that triggers my migraines.

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