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I began my life in the South and for five years lived as a closeted teacher, but am now making a new life for myself as an oral historian in New England. I think my life will work out the way it was always meant to be. That doesn't mean there won't be ups and downs; that's all part of life. It means I just have to be patient. I feel like October 7, 2015 is my new birthday. It's a beginning filled with great hope. It's a second chance to live my life…not anyone else's. My profile picture is "David and Me," 2001 painting by artist Steve Walker. It happens to be one of my favorite modern gay art pieces.

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Moment of Zen: Home in Vermont

Pic of the Day

Last Day

Yesterday was my last day in Alabama. I fly out this morning, heading back to Vermont. I spent most of yesterday with my parents. Not a lot went on. About 8 pm the weather got bad and we lost satellite and internet. So I went to bed early, especially since I have to get up at 6 am to get ready to go to the airport.

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Yesterday was a long day but a good day. My dad and I took out the boat and road up the river past Holy Ground. It was such a beautiful day. Daddy and I didn’t even argue about anything; we just had a good time hanging out together. My mother didn’t go because she is about to have knee surgery next week and it’s hard for she to get in and out of the boat. I spent time with Mama too. She’d made some cookies but because of the arthritis in her hands, she was having a hard time rolling out the dough, so I did that for her and cut the cookies. Mama is only 68 but she spent 35 years as a nurse. Twenty-five of those as a public health nurse where she spent large parts of her day on her feet and giving immunizations. All those years standing on hard floors has taken its toll, so has the years of giving shots. Anyway, I’m off the subject.

Late yesterday afternoon, I drove down to visit my aunt. She lives about an hour away. My aunt, a cousin of ours, and I went to dinner, and we had a good dinner at Cracker Barrel. Quinnishelia, our waitress, was shocked when I told her to keep the sweet tea coming because I lived up north where they didn’t have sweet tea. She couldn’t imagine a place without sweet tea. We ran a few errands that my aunt needed to do, and then we came back to her house. We went across the road to visit my old neighbor. Her 104 year old mother died a few months ago and we’ve all taken it hard, but not as much as she has. She loved her mother dearly. The neighbor would have been terribly upset if I had not gone to visit. It was nearly 10 pm when we finally got back and settled at my aunt’s house. I got to see my two cats, Lucy and Edith, who live with my aunt. I couldn’t take them with me initially to Vermont, so she kept them and then when I could have a cat, my aunt wouldn’t let them go. So, here they stay. We watched the weather report, which shows bad weather for tomorrow night, and then we went to bed. I’ll go back up to my parents’ house this morning.

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After lunch yesterday, I went up to see my niece. I went to my sister’s house and we went to pick my niece up from school. She was so excited to see me. She came running as soon as she saw me.

After I left, I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for mama. Unbeknownst to me, Tuesday is old folks day at Publix (the grocery store here). These old folks are so rude. The just either stand and stare and won’t let you get to what you need or push you out of their way to get what they want. And when something is on sale, they buy it in ridiculous quantities.

After Publix, I went to the mall. My watch quit working so I took it to JC Penney’s, which is where I bought it in Vermont. I haven’t had the watch a year. The lady there, after making me wait forever, got my watch open and changed the battery. Then she couldn’t get the back on it again. So I had to go to a jewelry repair shop on the other side of the mall to get it fixed. At least he was able to fix it even if he told me she’d put in the wrong battery. He also charged me $10 which I think JC Penney’s owes me, since it should have been free there.  

Then I went to Spencer’s (a novelty store) to check out what nipple jewelry they had. I got some new rings. I also bought a set of little daggers that go in your nipples. They are so cute. I don’t know if I’ll wear them or not, but maybe. The guy tried to sell me a pair of bars that had balls on the end. On the balls, one said lick it; the other said suck it. The guy was really cute showing me the different nipple rings they had, like the set of dinosaurs or the ones that cover your nipples. I told him I liked them to be played with not covered up. He just laughed.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe
byTimothy Thomas Fortune

I know not why, but it is true—it may,
In some way, be because he was a child
Of the fierce sun where I first wept and smiled—
I love the dark-browed Poe. His feverish day
Was spent in dreams inspired, that him beguiled,
When not along his path shone forth one ray
Of light, of hope, to guide him on the way,
That to earth’s cares he might be reconciled.
Not one of all Columbia’s tuneful choir
Has pitched his notes to such a matchless key
As Poe—the wizard of the Orphic lyre!
Not one has dreamed, has sung, such songs as he,
Who, like an echo came, an echo went,
Singing, back to his mother element.

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