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Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea, happy is that people, whose God is the LORD. (KJV) ( Psalms 144:15 )

I’ve got some great news for you- God desires for you to be happy! He loves when your life is filled with laughter, beauty and joy. He delights when a smile animates your face. When your consider God’s plan for your life, don’t forget, God’s people are called to be happy!

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Moment of Zen: Paradise

Pic of the Day

Christine Hallquist

Christine Hallquist is an American politician and former CEO of Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC). She is the first openly transgender major party nominee for governor in the United States, winning the Democratic nomination with over 40% of the vote on August 14, 2018. Hallquist worked at VEC from 1998 to 2018, the last 12 years as CEO, when she resigned to run for governor. Drawing national attention as a pioneering example of a CEO transitioning while in office, her transition was documented by her son in an award-winning documentary, Denial.

Hallquist grew up in Baldwinsville, New York. She attended Catholic school as a child. She moved to Vermont at age 20 and worked for IBM as an electrical engineer. Hallquist lives in Hyde Park, Vermont, and has three adult children and two grandchildren.

Hallquist’s professional life began at IBM, then she took a job at Digital Equipment Corporation. There she became part of a training program to become an electrical engineer at the University of Massachusetts and worked with Digital to create low-cost power supplies quickly using lean manufacturing. She took an early buyout from Digital and moved back to Vermont to become the CEO of a small electronics company in Barre, Vermont, then founded a consulting firm that worked with such companies as Xerox, Miller Beer, and Honda. She started at VEC as engineering and operations manager in 2000, shortly after its recovery from bankruptcy.

She announced her gubernatorial campaign in Morrisville, Vermont on April 8, and said, “I truly believe Vermont is ready to elect a transgender governor because I don’t think Vermonters are going to look at that.” Hallquist is running on a platform of increased broadband access, universal Medicare and aggressive action against climate change.

She has my vote in November.

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Wishful Thinking

Too bad I can’t sleep in today, but it’s going to be a busy day. I have a tour at 10 this morning, and then a lunch appointment at noon, which I hope I won’t be late for. The tour is supposed to last an hour and a half. Hopefully it won’t last that long. The afternoon will be spent writing labels for the next exhibit. Hopefully, that will go smoothly. I don’t mind writing labels on stuff I know a lot about, but these two labels are something I know next to nothing about. It seems that ever since I took over this new job, I’m busier than ever.

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Brand New Car

I just bought a brand new car. It only had 17 miles on it when I drove it off the lot. It’s a Honda CR-V, and I’m in love with it. It’s a bit bigger than I had anticipated when I started looking at this SUV, but that’s not a problem. It has just the right amount of roominess. It also has everything on it: remote start, heated seats, push button start, it syncs with my iPhone, and the list goes on.

It was an easy purchase too. I did most of the negotiating online and over the phone with their express buy option, and lucky I did too. The guy in charge of the express buy is gorgeous, and he had a butt like you wouldn’t believe. Anyway, all in all it was a great experience and they made buying a car so easy.

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