Getting It Done

I got a lot done yesterday. I applied to two jobs, and I got two oral histories edited. I’m feeling very accomplished. Now I just have to get to work tomorrow. With this nor’easter we haven’t had much wind but we are expecting lots of snow. I will see in the morning how much actually accumulated and if I can get my car out without too much trouble. We shall see.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Yesterday was a long day. I didn’t get much actual work done because there was a lot going on. It seemed like I was on my feet most of the day and away from my desk. I did get a job application submitted. If you weren’t aware, my current job ends in October. I’d thought there was a chance of a transition to another position but that seems highly unlikely. So I’m looking for another job. I want to finish the project I’m working on, but I also don’t want October to come and me not have further employment.

Today, will be a day of catch-up. I need to get done what I didn’t get done yesterday, plus a bit more. Right now, it’s a lot of editing: listening to oral histories and making sure they match up with the transcripts. Then I have to send them out for approval. It’s not the most exciting part of my job, but it has to be done. I do have work study students working for me that are taking over some of the load, but getting my work studies to actually work is like pulling teeth. It’s not very easy. I need to be more of a taskmaster and light a fire under them.

Tomorrow will be no walk in the park either. We are expecting a nor’easter with 6-12” of snow. I love snow when I don’t have to be out in it, but I hate it when I have to worry about digging out my car and getting safely to work. I only have a mile to drive to work, but that is a treacherous mile when we have that much snow. I can only hope that they come and clear our parking lot before I have to leave for work, or just getting out of the parking lot is a major chore. My little car was not built for snow.

I know I’m worried about my job ending in October, but truthfully, I’m ready to be out of Vermont. I lived in a rural area before, but this truly is rural, even though I live in town. It seems more rural somehow. I was meant for a bigger city. Hopefully, I will find a job in a bigger city. I thought I’d found a perfect job in Atlanta, but it turned out to be outside of Atlanta and when I looked up the company on Glassdoor, the reviews of the company were horrific. So, I am going to pass on applying for that job and continue to look for others.


by H. D.

It was easy enough
to bend them to my wish,
it was easy enough
to alter them with a touch,
but you
adrift on the great sea,
how shall I call you back?

Cedar and white ash,
rock-cedar and sand plants
and tamarisk
red cedar and white cedar
and black cedar from the inmost forest,
fragrance upon fragrance
and all of my sea-magic is for nought.

It was easy enough—
a thought called them
from the sharp edges of the earth;
they prayed for a touch,
they cried for the sight of my face,
they entreated me
till in pity
I turned each to his own self.

Panther and panther,
then a black leopard
follows close—
black panther and red
and a great hound,
a god-like beast,
cut the sand in a clear ring
and shut me from the earth,
and cover the sea-sound
with their throats,
and the sea-roar with their own barks
and bellowing and snarls,
and the sea-stars
and the swirl of the sand,
and the rock-tamarisk
and the wind resonance—
but not your voice.

It is easy enough to call men
from the edges of the earth.
It is easy enough to summon them to my feet
with a thought—
it is beautiful to see the tall panther
and the sleek deer-hounds
circle in the dark.

It is easy enough
to make cedar and white ash fumes
into palaces
and to cover the sea-caves
with ivory and onyx.

But I would give up
rock-fringes of coral
and the inmost chamber
of my island palace
and my own gifts
and the whole region
of my power and magic
for your glance.

Monday Is Here Again

I almost forgot to write a post for today. I’d spent the evening watching the Netflix series Altered Carbon, which is a really gritty and gruesome series. I don’t know why I keep watching it, but I’m hooked on it now and only have a few more episodes to watch. Did anyone watch the Oscars last night? I obviously didn’t, but did see some of the outfits on Twitter. I keep thinking to myself: what was Adam Rippon thinking with that outfit? I guess we all have our styles. One person commented, “When you have to go to the Academy Awards at 8 and the Eagle at 11.” If you haven’t seen it, here’s the outfit:

Jesus Loves Gays

Moment of Zen: Cooking

Back to Work

I’m heading back to work today. I kind of have to. We get three days before we need a doctor’s excuse. Since my doctor’s office suggested I not come in unless my symptoms became more severe, I do not have a doctor’s written excuse. Luckily, I am feeling much better. I’m no longer coughing, and I don’t have a headache. Most of my congestion is also gone. So there is no reason for me not to return to work. The only problem is that we have a nor’easter hitting tomorrow, and I wish I didn’t have to get out in it. Oh well, it’s not predicted to hit central Vermont very hard, so I hope it won’t be much of anything.

One More Day?

When I wrote this last night, I was contemplating whether or not to call in sick today. I still had some congestion and a terrible headache. It will all be according to how I feel when I wake up this morning as to whether or not I will go into work. As of last night, I was leaning toward one more sick day.

Head Cold

I didn’t catch the flu from my coworkers, but I do have a head cold. I slept most of the day yesterday and will likely do the same today. We’ve all decided no work until we are no longer coughing. At least everyone else is feeling better.

The Master’s Garden

The Master’s Garden
By Marguerite McCreary

The Master came to the garden
To pluck the fairest rose.
He passed thru the paths in the garden
The fairest flower he chose.

There low hung the head of the blossoms
That grew within that wall,
For the Master had passed and had taken
The fairest flower of all.

But the Master had use for that flower
So perfect, fragrant, rare
To bloom in his own fairest mansion
And live forever there.

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