The Flower

The Flower
by George Herbert

How fresh, O Lord, how sweet and clean
Are Thy returns! ev’n as the flow’rs in Spring,
To which, besides their own demean
The late-past frosts tributes of pleasure bring;
Grief melts away
Like snow in May,
As if there were no such cold thing.

Who would have thought my shrivel’d heart
Could have recover’d greennesse? It was gone
Quite under ground; as flow’rs depart
To see their mother-root, when they have blown,
Where they together
All the hard weather,
Dead to the world, keep house unknown.

These are Thy wonders, Lord of power,
Killing and quickning, bringing down to Hell
And up to Heaven in an houre;
Making a chiming of a passing-bell.
We say amisse
This or that is;
Thy word is all, if we could spell.

O that I once past changing were,
Fast in Thy Paradise, where no flower can wither;
Many a Spring I shoot up fair,
Offring at Heav’n, growing and groning thither,
Nor doth my flower
Want a Spring-showre,
My sinnes and I joyning together.

But while I grow in a straight line,
Still upwards bent, as if Heav’n were mine own,
Thy anger comes, and I decline:
What frost to that? what pole is not the zone
Where all things burn,
When Thou dost turn,
And the least frown of Thine is shown?

And now in age I bud again,
After so many deaths I live and write;
I once more smell the dew and rain,
And relish versing: O, my onely Light,
It cannot be
That I am he
On whom Thy tempests fell all night.

These are Thy wonders, Lord of love,
To make us see we are but flow’rs that glide;
Which when we once can find and prove,
Thou hast a garden for us where to bide.
Who would be more,
Swelling through store,
Forfeit their Paradise by their pride.

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Up Late

I was up late last night working on my grading for my online class that I am “teaching,” I put teaching in quotes because I wouldn’t call what I do teaching as much as I would call it merely grading.

One good thing from yesterday though is that my interview with the transgender women went exceptionally well. She was very open and forthcoming about her experiences and her transition. It was a fascinating interview.

I’m off today so I’m sleeping in.

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Roots Will Grow

That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, (KJV) ( Ephesians 3:17 )

When you place your faith in God and trust that His plans for you are better than you can imagine, Christ will send the Holy Spirit to you. Through prayer and daily reading of the Bible, a relationship will grow. This relationship is unlike any other, and it will sharpen you to constantly grow to be more like Christ

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Moment of Zen: Abs

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So Excited

I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself. I have an oral history interview with someone I have been pursuing for three years. She came to my attention shortly after I arrived in Vermont, but she lived in Ohio and was not going to be coming to Vermont, so I had no way to interview her. I met her yesterday at homecoming. You might be asking so what? Why is he so excited? Well, when this woman graduated in 1963, the university was an all male school and she was one of the men. By her 50th reunion, five years ago, she had transitioned from male to female. There is no doubt she has stories to tell. I can’t wait until Sunday.

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