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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I got up bright and early this morning. Since it’s my day off, I made a nice breakfast. Last night, I mixed up the batter for some Ham and Cheese Scones. I just had to put them in my scones pan this morning and pop them in the oven. To go with the scones, I made some scrambled eggs and sausage. Honestly, I didn’t need anything but the scones, but I had eggs left over from the egg wash that I brushed on top of the scones, so instead of throwing it out, I made scrambled eggs. Then, I just popped some sausage links in my air fryer. It was a good breakfast, but the scones were the best part.

When I lived in Alabama, my aunt always wanted corned beef and cabbage every St. Patrick’s Day. I am not a big fan of corned beef, though I can eat it. I like cabbage if it is cooked well. When my mother would cook it, she would basically cook it to mush. I like there to be a little firmness to it. To make corned beef and cabbage is a bit much for just me, especially when it is something I’m not crazy about eating. Instead, I plan to make some pork chops for dinner tonight. I have not yet decided what I will cook with them, but it should be a good dinner.

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I do not want to be awake this morning, and I don’t want to go to work. However, I can handle it for half a day. When I leave at lunch today, I won’t be back to the museum until the 27th. I’m taking tomorrow off, and then, I’ll be in Connecticut next week for a workshop. 

The main reason I don’t want to be awake this morning is because my back was hurting yesterday, and I had a migraine. So, I took a muscle relaxer which helped for a little while, but it makes me drowsy for usually a full day. It’s back hurting now, but not as bad. I’m going to see a physical therapist on March 28. I hope it will help.

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Instead of two steps forward and one step back, yesterday was more like two steps forward and three steps back. When I first woke up yesterday, the snow was not as bad as I expected. We may have gotten an inch of snow overnight, but within the next few hours, we got several inches of snow. Then, as I was leaving, the snow had miraculously stopped. The snow was easy to clear off my car, and everything looked good. I headed to Burlington to pick up my guest from the airport. The drive up was not as bad as I expected. The roads were mostly clear until I neared Burlington. The snow started coming down heavily; it was ugly, and the roads were barely plowed. It was not looking good. Finally, I made it to the airport, and I was early, just as I had planned. It was a good thing, too, because I drove around for nearly half an hour trying to find a parking space. The airport seemed to have closed access to the upper two decks, or I just couldn’t find the access point for them. Eventually, I did and found a parking space on the top level. The snow was coming down so hard as I was walking into the airport that even walking under the covered walkway, I was still pelted by snow since it was blowing sideways.

I got in to find, with no surprise, that my guest’s plane was delayed. Then, I got a text from him. His plane had been diverted to Buffalo. As I was texting him back, he then informed me that the plane was not going to continue to Burlington as planned but heading back to Chicago. This man was supposed to be my speaker for the next day, i.e., today. So, I had to call my boss and explain it all to him and come up with a plan of action. I finally talked to my guest on the phone, and we worked it out that he would do the program virtually, which hopefully won’t be too bad, and there will be no technical issues today. *knock on wood* So, I called the hotel and got the room reservation canceled, got back in my car, and headed home.

Here’s to hoping that today goes smoother.

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St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day
By Jean Blewett

There’s an Isle, a green Isle, set in the sea,
Here’s to the Saint that blessed it!
And here’s to the billows wild and free
That for centuries have caressed it!

Here’s to the day when the men that roam
Send longing eyes o’er the water!
Here’s to the land that still spells home
To each loyal son and daughter!

Here’s to old Ireland—fair, I ween,
With the blue skies stretched above her!
Here’s to her shamrock warm and green,
And here’s to the hearts that love her!

With St. Patrick’s Day Friday, I thought I’d post a poem about Ireland.

About the Poet

Canadian poet and writer Jean Blewett was born in Scotia, Lake Erie, Ontario, in 1872. She began writing at a young age and gained recognition for her poems, short stories, and articles while still a teenager. The author of two popular collections of poetry, Heart Songs (1897) and The Cornflower and Other Poems (1906), she also wrote a novel, Out of the Depths (1890). 

Globe Magazine described Blewett as a “woman’s poet” while calling her the “most conspicuous example in Canada of the class of writers who try to bring the plain people into touch with the highest ideals that are frequently most effectively taught in verse. Her lessons are of self-denial, and of the power of love to mold men and women.” She was popular in the United States as well as Canada, and the Chicago Times-Herald awarded her a $600 prize for her poem “Spring.”

Blewett died in 1934.

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Busy Week

I did not want to get out of bed this morning, and Isabella apparently wasn’t to keen on it either. Her efforts to wake me up were halfhearted at best. When I finally sat up, she decided that she really was hungry.

This week is going to a busy one. I have a speaker coming in tomorrow, so I will be in entertainment mode. I have to get everything set up for the talk today because I will work from home tomorrow morning before going to Burlington to pick up the speaker from the airport. This time, the speaker is flying out on Wednesday after his talk. Often, we have to schedule them to fly out on Thursday which means another day of entertaining. Don’t think I’m complaining about the entertaining of my speakers. I actually love it, but it is a bit exhausting.

Thursday, I have one meeting after another all morning. I may take Thursday afternoon off. I’m already taking Friday off. I have nineteen vacation days that I have to take before May 31. We are not allowed to carry over vacation time, only sick leave. I’d love to be taking a vacation somewhere, but that’s not in the cards.

Have a great week, everyone!