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To The Beach

Sunday, at 6 am, I fly out of Burlington International Airport headed to Pensacola to begin my training as a certified interpretive guide. I don’t expect this to be an easy training. I expect it to be hard work, but I think it will be worth it. I’ll also get to see my parents who are coming down to Pensacola to spend some time with me.
The only problem with traveling anywhere from Vermont is that the state only has three airports. One only goes to Boston; one is for private planes only; and Burlington seems to have you always fly out between 5:15 am and 6:30 am. It also seems that flights only come in after 10 pm. I never have understood what the airport does during daylight hours. I have flown out and returned only once during daylight hours and that was a direct flight to and from Chicago. I’ve never found another flight during daylight hours. It’s quite frustrating.

Night at the Museum

Today is going to be a long work day. I will go in from 1pm-4pm and then come back from 9pm-2am. We are having a special event for the students tonight in which we are bringing in a paranormal investigator. It should be interesting as things often go bump in the night at the museum.

Monday, Monday

Today, things should mostly be back to normal at work. I hope. All the major events have passed us by, and it should be smooth sailing for a while.
Yesterday was not smooth sailing. I had one of the worst, most nauseating migraines I’ve had in a while. Even my medicines didn’t faze it. The Maxalt helped for a couple of hours then it was back with a vengeance.

Taking the Day Off

I was off yesterday but had to go in last night for a presidential dinner. I subsequently got home late because I had to wait for the caterers to leave before I could lock up. Therefore, I’m basically taking the day off from blogging today. 

Getting Rest

I talked to my boss yesterday and with my headaches and the amount of exhaustion I was feeling, we decided it was best that I not work another six day work week. I took off much of yesterday to get rid of my migraine, which mostly worked, and I am taking today and Friday off. I skipped the dinner last night, but I will go up to the museum tonight for that dinner. All this makes the rest of the week seem bearable.


I’m exhausted, and it’s only the first day. Two more to go. Today, though, will be the worst. My day will start with me walking to work and will end after the fireworks show. It’s going to be a long day.

And So It Begins

Thousands of people will descend on my little town this weekend. The university that I work for is celebrating its bicentennial this weekend at homecoming. The events begin today and go through the big game on Saturday. We normally have 2000-3000 people at homecoming each year. This year they are expecting 6000-7000 people. For some of you that may not sound like a lot, but to put it into perspective, the campus only has 500 parking spaces. Tomorrow is one of our big days. The Museum Associates have their annual meeting tomorrow afternoon, we have a gallery talk, and then there is the ribbon cutting for the Bicentennial Stairs that are right outside the museum. The benefactor of the museum and the worlds first transgender billionaire will be there on hand for the ribbon cutting. I’m hoping that I get to meet her. There’s a lot going on and a lot of important people will be on campus. We keep telling g ourselves, “It’s only three days.”

The Reveal

I teased y’all Thursday about something that might be coming to fruition. It looks like I will get to do the training to become a Certified Interpretive Giide. Education is a major part of my job and that includes giving tours. It’s also a nice addition to my CV/resume. I had looked into the training a few months ago, but none of the training sessions were nearby, so I put the idea on the back burner. Then, it became a possibility when a training session opened up in Vermont. As I looked at it though, the timing of the training interfered with my New York City trip at Thanksgiving and my birthday. Once I realized that the museum would only pay for the training and not the travel (major budget cuts at the university), I realized it didn’t matter where I did the training. So the next desirable place was Birmingham, Alabama. I’d be close enough that my family could visit. However, it coincided with one of the programs I have been planning, so I took another look at the schedule. The next closest to my family was Pensacola, Florida (hence the beach pictures). The only drawback to Pensacola is that they haven’t yet made their quota for the number of students necessary. Once I sign up, they still need two more students to sign up for the training class to make. If it doesn’t make, there is one in Montgomery, Alabama in the new year. That would put me really close to family. I might also consider going somewhere that might be fun to visit. My preference is Pensacola but we will see how that goes.

Freaky Friday

Last night, I watched the Democratic Debate but fell asleep and didn’t get to write a post. Then as I sat down to write the post this morning, (I had gotten to work early) the alarms in the building started going off and I had to evacuate. It took a while before we got the all clear to return to work. Then we have office equipment failures to top that off. It’s just a mess this morning. To top it all off, I have a short job interview this afternoon. I doubt I would accept the job, but I’d like to see the salary they offer. It looks like it will be quite the day.


I have some news. It’s not official yet, but should be on Monday. It’s not a new job, but a possible new training. Stay tuned for more. The main news is where I might be going.

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