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So far, the conference has been a good one. It’s just a couple of metro stops from my hotel, so it’s easy to get to. Usually conferences are held in a hotel, but this one is being held at Concordia University, so all the conference hotel are away from the conference. While they are closer than mine, the walk has to be longer, since my hotel is right at a metro station and the other metro station lets out right in the building of the conference. It’s very convenient. I decided to forgo the receptions and only attend the sessions. Receptions are okay if you’re going with someone else, but I hate going to them by myself. The individual sessions, I don’t mind going by myself, but the receptions I hate.

Another Long Day

Yesterday was a long day. I got to work at 8 am and didn’t get home until after 9 pm. We had an event in St. Albans yesterday and last night. It was a good event and I enjoyed it, but it made for a long day. Today will be another long day. After the museum closes at its regular time, we will be doing tours for dignitaries for an hour or so and then we have another dinner to attend. Since the dinner is at the museum (and I don’t want to go to the talk afterwards), I will have to stay after the dinner until the caterers clean up and get out. I will get home earlier than I did last night, but probably not by much. Thankfully, for all this extra work, I will be off Friday, though I have to work Saturday.

Traveling for the Day

Wednesday will be my traveling day for the next two weeks. Today, I am going to northern Vermont for a pop-up exhibit. We will be putting up a small exhibit at another museum. The day shouldn’t be too bad, but it will be a long day. We aren’t expected back until 10 pm tonight. Next Wednesday, I will be traveling to Montreal for a conference. I will be in Montreal for five days. It should be a good trip.

Off Today

I’m off today because I am working Saturday. So I’m sort of taking off from the blog as well. I think I will probably sleep in today.

Another Late Night

I really hate online teaching. Every time I think I am finished for the moment, there is something else that needs to be done. I also have a few particularly long-winded writers in the bunch. If it says answer something in two to three sentences, don’t give me five or six paragraphs.

Not Much

I’m busier than I ever have been at work. When I actually have time to sit at my desk it’s not for long. Today is going to be very busy. I’ll be teaching two classes and then I, along with the whole university, have to attend a Title IX training.

If you don’t know what Title IX is, it simply states “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” This law includes sexual assault and harassment. So we have to be trained in it. The only good thing is that the Title IX officer is cute, gay, and has a great butt that he likes to accentuate with tight pants. So that will be the morning.

The afternoon will be going through architectural drawings to decide which are worth keeping. To say the least, it will be a busy day. There are other things going on too, such as the online class I am “teaching.” And then there are a few other things not worth mentioning at this time, but they keep me busy as well.

Up Late

I was up late last night working on my grading for my online class that I am “teaching,” I put teaching in quotes because I wouldn’t call what I do teaching as much as I would call it merely grading.

One good thing from yesterday though is that my interview with the transgender women went exceptionally well. She was very open and forthcoming about her experiences and her transition. It was a fascinating interview.

I’m off today so I’m sleeping in.

So Excited

I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself. I have an oral history interview with someone I have been pursuing for three years. She came to my attention shortly after I arrived in Vermont, but she lived in Ohio and was not going to be coming to Vermont, so I had no way to interview her. I met her yesterday at homecoming. You might be asking so what? Why is he so excited? Well, when this woman graduated in 1963, the university was an all male school and she was one of the men. By her 50th reunion, five years ago, she had transitioned from male to female. There is no doubt she has stories to tell. I can’t wait until Sunday.


I will be glad when homecoming is over. I worked a 12 hour day yesterday getting ready for it. Today and tomorrow, I will be working 10 hour days, and Saturday, I will be working a 7 hour day. It’s exhausting. In addition to all of that, we have to be charming to the alumni all the time. There is just so much to do and there doesn’t seem enough time to do it all. Come Sunday, it will all be over with.

Getting Ready

Because I work at a university museum, homecoming weekend, which starts tomorrow, is one of our busiest times. We get tons of donations. Our bookstore actually sells stuff. (It rarely does much business during the year.) We have a new exhibit opening. The museum associates (our benefactors) meet for their annual meeting. And all in all, it’s just exhausting getting ready for all of it.

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