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Budget Resolve

The budget crisis with my project is finally over. First of all, my job is guaranteed through October. That’s good news because I’d been led to believe that it had been shortened to July. The second thing is that I will be able to travel and conduct three of the last four interviews. So, I will be making a trip to Boston in the near future. Also, the funds needed to finish my job were also approved. So we are full steam ahead.


I should find out today if they have worked out a budget that gives me the go ahead to finish my project at work. Of course, as soon as the project is done, so is my job. Then again, if they didn’t approve a special budget to finish the project, then I’m probably also out of a job. I’ve tried not to think about this over the weekend. The meeting over the budget was Friday. I called in sick Friday because of a major migraine, so I didn’t hear the results of the meeting. I guess I will hear the results today. Wish me luck that they let me finish my project. Promises were made and I am expected to keep them and make this project work. So they had better given me the budget necessary.

Back to Work

Having yesterday off was nice, but I have to work today. I took off yesterday because I am working tomorrow. I don’t mind working on Saturday, but it’s usually very quiet and a lot boring. I may end up watching something on Netflix or Amazon.

Interview Retrospect

The interview seemed to go fairly well. I answered the questions to the best of my ability, and I think I did well. There were only two possible problems. First, the interview was incredibly short. It only lasted 15 minutes. The other possible problem was that of the committee members only one asked any questions. Granted, the person asking the questions would be my boss and everyone else was librarians who I’d be working with, but I expected someone else to ask questions. At least the one woman who did ask questions was very nice and we seemed to get along really well. One way or the other, I should know by the end of the week whether or not I will be going there for an interview. So we shall see.


I have another interview today. This one is for a university out West or maybe it’s considered Midwest, I’m not sure. Anyway, it’s another oral history position. I seem to be getting good at getting interviews for oral history jobs. Of the three I’ve applied for, I’ve had interviews with all three. I hope today’s interview goes well. It’s another Skype interview. The last time it was a Skype interview it didn’t go so well since Skype never would work. I hope it works today. Wish me luck.


Yesterday, I told you about my job coming to an end. It’s amazing how new opportunities arise when you least expect them. Nothing has changed with my current job; however, I did get called for an interview for a new position. My initial interview for this job will be Tuesday. I don’t know if the job is a perfect fit, but it looks good and pays pretty well. The library is in cowboy country, hence the cowboy above. We will just have to see what comes of the interview.

Pissed Off

I am pissed off with my job. When I accepted this position, I was never told it was temporary. When I became aware that it was a temporary position (it was implied that 2019 would be the end date), I was told it was certain it would be made permanent. Then, my boss was put on administrative leave; the same boss that had told me so many lies about the state of my job. After she left, I found out my position is only supposed to go through October 2018. At this point, I have little hope of it being extended past that date. I was okay with that. Then yesterday, I found out that the powers that be want me gone before October. They want me to finish up the project as soon as possible, and then be gone. What this new timetable means, I don’t know. I expect it will probably be May or the middle of the summer; I just don’t know. I do know my museum colleagues want me to continue in a different capacity probably as a museum educator.

To be honest, I’m fucking done with Vermont. I want to tell the university administration to go fuck themselves. I want to put this job behind me and move on. I’m sick of being strung along. I do not believe they will create a new position for me no matter how much it is needed. However, I will, to the best of my ability, finish the job at hand. But I think I’m done after that. I just don’t see a future for me in Vermont. I think I have a few more months, and then it will be time to move on—hopefully, to better things.

Ding Dong

Ding-dong, the witch is dead! Which old witch? The wicked witch

Ding-dong, the wicked witch is dead

Well, she’s not dead, but she’s gone. My boss that is. She officially resigned. While I had never had problems with her, others did and I just didn’t see the full extent. Nor did I see the full extent of her wicked ways. Without a shadow of a doubt, she needed to be gone. While she resigned, it was a negotiated resignation. She didn’t have a choice but to go and go quietly or possibly to go in handcuffs. So now we have an interim director, and I have absolutely no faith that I will have a job past October when my contract ends.

The Result

The job in Chicago has decided not to move forward with me as a candidate. In other words, I did not get the job. All I can say is that this must be how it was meant to be. To be truthful, I don’t think I was cut out for the job. That is not hindsight being 20/20 either. When I went for the interview something seemed wrong. While I felt confident with most of the interview process, I never felt comfortable with the interview with the CEO. I still hoped I would get the job, but I have to remind myself of that initial feeling that something was just off. Now I just keep looking for something else. This job was just not meant to be.

Back to Work

The holidays are finally over. Christmas and a New Year’s have passed. Today, I go back to work. I’m not sure, other than a bunch of emails, what there is to do today, but I’ll find plenty to do. Tonight is supposed to be very messy with heavy snow through Friday. Considering the weather they are predicting it would be nice if they cancelled work for Friday. The students aren’t back yet, so there is no reason for us to have to risk making it to work in treacherous weather. Oh well, I’m sure that’s just wishful thinking.

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