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Yesterday, I talked about some aggravation at work. I got two wonderful comments on that post. Roderick commented that:

Joe, you have now built up a cv which shows both experience and capacity. On the basis of that, you could look around for another job opening. At the very least doing so would indicate to the director that you can’t be taken for granted. 

I have put in a few applications recently: one in Washington, DC, one in Rhode Island, and two back in Alabama. I’ve been in my current position for a year, and when things come up that I’m qualified for, I am putting in applications. There are certain advantages to living in New England, such as the political climate, but the actual climate leaves a lot to be desired. However, I would like to be back in the South nearer my family, though I think Washington, DC would be perfect except for the cost of living there. DC is a quick non-stop plane trip to Montgomery. To me that would be close enough. Also, there are plenty of gay men in the DC area, not the case in Vermont. Anyway, I am keeping my eye out for other opportunities.

The other comment was from VRC-Do You!, and this is what that person has to say:

Before we go Roderick’s route let’s try a little CRUCIAL CONVERSATION-there is a book on this and there are such thing-Crucial Conversations-fire up the Googler. In the workplace, we have to learn to have those difficult conversations for the sake of our sanity and or the cohesion of the department. I would suggest outlining your grievances. Hard facts. Call for a meeting with your director and this person and state your case. Have that crucial conversation.

I do plan on having a crucial conversation with my director. I think that eventually, all four people on the staff need to have a crucial conversation. We need to be a more cohesive group, which right now we are not. I think everyone needs more defined goals and responsibilities. I recently wrote an article for our regional professional magazine, whether it will be published or not, I do not know, but it was about how we all wear many hats in such a small organization. While this is true, we need to establish what are our primary hats and what are our secondary hats. For instance, public programming and publicity for public programming is my primary hat, whereas helping me with all the arrangements is a secondary hat of our secretary. While I may delegate things to her it should ultimately be what I say goes. The director should be backing me on this. This is a crucial conversation that we should have.

Thank you for your comments, and please know that I have taken both of them to heart. I’m sure you’ll be hearing on this blog how things turn out in each instance. I need my sanity and right now, this job is not providing it. It’s not driving me completely crazy, but it will if this gets out of hand.


Yesterday was pure aggravation. I gave a tour yesterday of our basement, where we keep a bulk of our collection. When most people had to leave after an hour of the tour, one woman insisted on her full hour and a half tour as advertised. I went rounds with our secretary over changing some promotional material and some of the problems I’ve had with previous promotional materials. Everything I’d gotten her to change, she went behind my back and got our Director to change back so that it connected back to the continuity of the old promotional material. His continuity is just boring and continues some of the same mistakes that we’ve been making,

Looking Back

I’m not sure I understand how someone could just miss a meeting, but our caterer did. It’s not like I can say, we’ll go with someone else, because it’s the university caterer and we aren’t allowed. So I had to reschedule for Monday. I did, however, convince my boss that things were better done my way. If I’m going to be the public programmer, then let me do the programming. Furthermore, there are more complications to the traveling show. So my day was not fun, like I’d anticipated. 

Looking Forward

Today might actually be a fun day at work. I get to plan food for several upcoming events. I have my ideas of how things should be done and since I am the public programmer, I will be getting my way. Quite honestly, being from the South, I know how to throw a classier party than Yankees do. We just do things better. Besides, some of my coworkers have tried to step on my toes with regard to some of the planning, but I called the meeting today and I will set the agenda. It’s all going to be good, especially when I’m planning it, lol.

Psychics, Mediums, and Boats…Oh My

In October, we are having two psychics/mediums come to the museum to commune with the spirits associated with some of our objects. While I’m skeptical about much of this stuff, there have been some unexplainable things that go on at the museum. I’m actually on my way now to meet with on of our psychics/mediums. I’m not really sure what to call her. Anyway, it should be an interesting day.
Tomorrow night should be interesting as well. I’m going on a two hour gay cruise of Lake Champlain: Whatever Floats Your Boat 3. It should be a blast. There will be a dance party, a variety show, and one deck just for chillin’. I’m quite excited. Hopefully, it won’t be too hot.


Yesterday, I had several little articles to write for work. I got them finished fairly quickly in the morning because I was anticipating having to be in a short movie they were filming in the museum yesterday. Luckily, I got out of having to be in the film. However, that meant I had very little to do yesterday afternoon. The worst thing about being really bored is that it can give me a headache which is what happened yesterday. Starting mid afternoon and lasting until I went to bed, the headache droned on. Sadly, it looks like today will be another unexciting day.

As I Lay…

As I lay in bed, I’m wondering what the future holds this week. I have a couple of things that need to be written and a few meetings, but otherwise, who knows what’s going to happen. The funny thing is that I have an appointment to see a psychic medium on Friday. She will be doing a special program for us at the museum and we are going to meet with her to map things out.

Traveling Exhibition

Yesterday was the fourth time traveling with this exhibit. We’ve been to Florida, New York, and Montpelier. This time it was just across campus. The move went faintly smoothly though half the exhibit stayed at the museum because it needed repair. Everyone was excited to see the exhibit because many of them won’t be traveling with us to other places.

The Deluge

I’m not sure how it began or when, but we had a major leak in the museum. The compressor in the water fountain upstairs had gone out and caused water to collect within the wall and eventually drip down to the basement. It had been going on long enough for mold to start to grow. It was quite a mess. Uniforms and hats had major water damage. We got all the wet pieces out and into the freezer. Now we wait for insurance and a conservator to tell us the cost of this water leak.

Bad Day at the Office

My day yesterday was awful. We had a meeting in the morning that did not go well. It was a follow up to our NYC Gala. They basically blamed my coworker and me for everything that went wrong. We explained how none of it was our fault. We did the best we could under the circumstances we were given. We didn’t have the support at the venue we were promised. What was supposed to be an exhibit originally planned for a space about 50’ x 50’ ended up being spread out over the length of three football fields. We had an hour and a half to put up a show that was only going to be seen for an hour and a half. That didn’t include the hours of back-breaking work to get the exhibit unloaded from the truck and then reloaded back on the truck. It made that part of the trip a nightmare.

Thank God, Susan made the rest of the trip so much more enjoyable.

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