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Some Really Good News

It finally happened. It’s something I have wanted and worked for years to get. I got an email last evening from the office of our university’s provost. The email title was “Appointment Letter.” The letter was congratulating me on my appointment as a non-tenure track Assistant Professor. It’s official. I am finally a professor. 
When I named this blog The Closet Professor, it was in the anticipation that I would get my PhD and get a job as a professor. Neither of those things came to fruition. However, when I took the position of Curator of Education and Public Programs, it became a possibility that I would also gain the title of Assistant Professor. Then there were a few setbacks with the university’s bureaucracy, and I thought it would never happen. Now out of the blue I receive my letter of appointment.
I know you might have some questions, and I’ll try to answer some of them. This is really just an additional title. It does not come with a raise or additional duties. With that being said, it may not sound like much. However, it means a great deal to me personally. It’s a title I have wanted for many years, nearly 20 years to be exact. When I chose not to pursue a law degree and decided instead to go to graduate school, it was with the intent to become a history professor. Since then, through a series of unfortunate events, it did not happen until now.

Staff Retreat

Today’s thing at work used to be called Staff-Inservice. It’s always been this awful day of programs and lectures that are meant to reward us. Most everyone hates it. They make you stay through the whole thing by giving out door prizes that you must be present to win. I have never won one. It always seems like the same people win the door prizes each year. This year as a way to make it sound more palpable they renamed it Staff Retreat. By definition a retreat is either “an act of moving back or withdrawing” or “a quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax.” This is neither. It’s just a day of boring crap. It’s going to be a long day.

Friday, Friday

Yesterday at work was a total snoozefest. I had little to nothing to do, so I spent most of the day on Facebook. Real productive, right? Today won’t be much different. I don’t have anything on my agenda today either. The difference between yesterday and today is that I’ll be by myself this afternoon. I’m ready for the weekend.

Back to Work

I have to return to work today. I’m not really happy about it. We’ll only be at half staff in the museum. The library will be even less staffed than that. The campus will mostly be empty for the rest of the week. Most people will return on Monday. I think the university should have given us the rest of the week off. There are no students on campus, and with so few people being on campus, not a lot will get done. Oh well, maybe it will be a relatively easy day.

Wrapping Up the Year

Friday will be my last day at work this year. I leave Sunday for New Orleans to take a cruise to Mexico, and then the next Saturday, I head home for Christmas. I honestly don’t have that much that I need to wrap up at work, just a few odds and ends. I’m sure I have a few phone calls to make, emails to send, and a few other odds and ends. Mostly today and tomorrow should be a breeze.

Back to Work

I’ve been on vacation for a week and a half thanks to the Thanksgiving holiday. Today I go back for a week and a half before starting my Christmas holiday. Honestly, I don’t really want to go back. It’s not that I don’t like my job, I do, it’s just that I have enjoyed being off. Oh well, I have to go back at some point. I already know I have a ton of emails, but hopefully, no phone calls to deal with. It should be back to the normal routine.

The Big Event

Last night we had a program presented by the museum that I have been working on for months. We had a Native American scholar come and talk about early Indian warfare against the English colonists. It was pretty fascinating. The only drawback was that we had a special dinner planned around Native American ingredients and invited about 40 people but less than 20 showed up. We had a lot of food left over. However, about 200 people showed up for the talk. Mostly, everything went well.

Day Two

We made good time getting to Boston yesterday, and basically the day was uneventful, which is good. We got to Boston and set up the museum exhibit and waited for people to show up. A few did. Once people started trickling in, there was always at least one visitor in the museum, but not a whole lot of people showed up. And those who did were not really interested in our exhibit but the exhibits of the museum we were in. I’m not sure how today will go. I’m pretty sure we will have lunch at Union Oyster House. One of our alumni owns it, but I sincerely doubt he will comp our meal. He’s a nice guy but I’m sure he feels he didn’t get where he is by giving away free meals.


Today I leave for Boston. I’ll be there until Sunday. This is the last stop for our traveling exhibit and the last of the bicentennial galas that we’ll be attending. Originally, I was supposed to go to San Francisco for the final gala in January, but the powers that be have so poorly managed the finances for these galas that they can’t afford to have me or the exhibit there. I don’t understand how they are getting away with losing over $100K per gala, but they are. I don’t think they know what they are doing. Anyway, my boss and I are going down today to set up the exhibit early in Faneuil Hall for today and tomorrow before we transport it over to our hotel where we will set it up for Saturday night. I really dread this trip not only because my boss is a cheap ass, but because all of the galas have basically been disasters behind the scenes, even though they seem to go off without a hitch. Thank God, it’s the last one.

Conference Session

Today is the last day of my conference. I will be moderating a session on oral history today. I will essentially be asking questions to three of New England’s best oral historians. I’m hoping that the session goes as I have planned. I did organize it after all, so unless my panelists have other ideas, it should go as planned. My session happens to be the last session of the conference, and if everyone who says they are going goes, then we should have a good crowd.

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