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A Day Off

I have today off because I have to work Saturday. Since I have today off, I’m sleeping in. There isn’t much more to write about, so I’ll leave it at that.

Mr Happy

I wish I could be Mr. Happy, but I got some potentially bad news about my job yesterday. It’s only potentially bad news, but it was enough to trigger my depression again. I had my depression under control, but occasionally there are setbacks and yesterday was one of them.

LGBT Workshop

I went to an LGBT Workshop last night. It was quite interesting. We mostly discussed correct terminology, which was interesting, and how best to deal with transgender people. It was mostly about what pronouns to use  and how to treat transgender people by their gender identity. It was interesting but I don’t think I learned anything earth shattering.


I would say that it’s been a long week, but it hasn’t been. With the exception of yesterday, the week has kind of flown by. Yesterday was a bit of a snore. I had a few things to do, but I accomplished them fairly quickly, far quicker than I’d expected. That’s the only problem with my job. I have things to do. I do them. They don’t take that long, and then I have nothing to do. Unlike my colleagues who have more than they can do, I have things that take relatively little time. There are a few things in the works and once we meet certain goals, I will be much busier. Until then though, I get my work done and then discreetly look at Facebook, read the news, or go gossip with a colleague. Just fifteen more interviews and I will be busy, busy, busy working on the book that will come out of these interviews. I can’t wait to get started.


Several people have asked how my interview last Friday went. It was a pretty important interview and it went really well. My interview subject got off topic a few times but I was able to guide him back to where I wanted him to be. It was a good experience. I have another interview today. This guy seems very talkative, so it should be a good interview. Fingers crossed.

Luckily, I have had a string of interviews in the new year. I’m hoping for a few more so that I can travel a bit and see more of New England. While I can easily go on my own to explore New England, it’s nice when someone else is payin for it. Anyway, things are good at work. I love when I get to do research for various projects. My writing skills are actually valued. I really don’t have any major complaints.

Big Interview 

I probably have the most important interview of my career as an oral historian today. I will be interviewing a retired army general. He is the highest ranking military officer from our school. To say that I am nervous would be an understatement. Luckily, the general is very down to earth, and I am interviewing him about a subject he loves. I hope I can keep him on topic. He is notorious for getting off topic. It’s going to be a challenge, but hopefully, in the end it will be very rewarding.

Back to Work

After two weeks off, I return to work today. My other coworkers returned on Tuesday, but since I didn’t fly back until late Tuesday night, I took Wednesday off also. I needed yesterday as a day of recovery from Alabama. I feel like I need the rest of the week to recover, but it will be nice to get back into a routine. I really wish I was busier in my job, but there will at least be some emails to catch up on and a few things like that to do.

If all goes well in the morning, I will also get Isabella back. A coworker has been keeping her for me and when she went to get her she ran away and hid. Isabella is a smart cat and probably knew she was about to be put in the cat carrier which she doesn’t like. I’ll just be glad when I get her home.

Back to Work 

I’ve been away from work for basically two weeks. I went back to work after my conference last week only to have to fly to Alabama for my granny’s funeral. It will be strange after being away for so long, but I do have plenty of work to do to keep me busy. I haven’t seen my boss in over two weeks as she left for a conference just as I was on my way back from mine.

Now, if you are wondering: why the picture above? The World Series between the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs started last night. I personally am rooting for the Cubs. Since I was a child, I loved Ryne Sandberg of the Chicago Cubs. I can’t root against Ryne’s team now. I hope they win this thing. I will watch what I can of the World Series but I can’t stay up and watch all the games since I do have to work.

Work and Politics

I’m working today, but I leave tomorrow for a week long conference. I’m looking forward to the conference but not the flight. I hate flying. It scares me to death. It’s also going to be a long flight, because I am flying to California. I’ve never been to California before, so I’m excited to be going. I wish this wasn’t a trip that I am going on alone, but I will make the best of it. I will be in Long Beach, California. If any of my followers are in that area, I’d love to try and schedule a time for a drink or something.

By the way, I watched the debate last night. Donald Trump is really hard to stomach and difficult to listen to. He’s such a despicable person. I honestly can’t understand how we got to the point where Donald Trump can be a legitimate candidate for a major party. Hillary came across as classy. Donald Trump came across as a petulant child. The second debate was one of the most painful things I’ve ever watched.

Need Coffee 

I had to work late into the night last night for an evening event we had at the museum. Once I got home, I had several things to do, so I went to bed later than usual. So this morning I need coffee more than ever. I have a special tour to do this morning.


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