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Getting Closer

Monday, I fly out of Burlington for Chicago. Tuesday morning, I have my interview. Wednesday, I fly back to Burlington. It will be a quick trip, but I pray it will be a productive one. I want this job. I want to want this job. If they offer me the job, it will come down to salary and if I liked the atmosphere of the place. I suspect I will like the atmosphere, the question then boils down to money. Will it be enough? I hope it will be. I only have ten more months at the most (at least that’s how it’s looking now) at my current job. Therefore, I need to find something and I hope that’s in Chicago.


Tuesday, December 12 at 10 am is when my interview in Chicago is set for. I’m excited. I have my fights booked and my hotel room reserved. Now I just have to be patient for another two weeks. At least I have those two weeks to prepare myself. So any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m just so glad they finally got back to me. I was beginning to wonder if they ever would, but they did, so my anxiety level has dropped some. I’m more excited than anything. I can’t wait to show them why I am the best possible candidate.

Travel Arrangements

I’m supposed to find out today when I will be going to Chicago. After not hearing anything all week, I emailed on Friday and was told that she’d have arrangements done either by the close of business on Friday or Monday at the latest. So I’m hoping, I will hear something today. Hopefully, I will be going in the first week in December. I just hope that I like the people, the job, and the salary once I get there. In other words, I want to really want this job. I find the idea of moving to Chicago very exciting. Any advice for the next part of this journey?

A Lot on My Mind

One of those things is: I still haven’t heard from Chicago about my travel arrangements. It seems to be taking them longer than I had anticipated. I realize the head of HR has more to do than worry about my travel plans but when it’s a new job on the line, I’m awfully anxious.


I was already in bed preparing to go to sleep when I realized I had not written a post for today. Currently, there isn’t much to say. I bought a new suit for my trip to Chicago, and I should learn today when I will be going there. At least, I hope I’ll find out today. The HR woman said early this week, but she’s usually quick with things so I suspect it will be today.

Interview Review

The interview went great, though it got off to a rocky start. It was supposed to be on Skype but they never called. I waited and waited, but no call came. So, I sent an email asking what was wrong. According to HR, the chief librarian did try to call but I was never there. I assured her that I was there the whole time. We never did figure out the problem, but we decided to do the interview over the phone.

Once the interview started, it went very well. She was a very nice lady, and I answered her questions truthfully. She seemed quite impressed. She asked me some standard interview questions, and then asked me a few historical questions. Then it was my turn to ask questions. One of the questions I asked was “Is there anything in my qualifications you would like me to clarify?” Her answer kind of floored me. She said, “No, I think you are highly qualified.” I couldn’t believe it. I only had a few more questions and then the interview was over. She also told me that the next step would be to bring the top candidate to Chicago to meet with the CEO and the rest of the staff. When this would happen she did not know.

Thirty minutes later, I received an email from HR asking when I can come to Chicago. They needed some dates and then she would take care of it on their end. So it looks I am the top candidate and I’ll be going to Chicago in the next few weeks. The trip will have to be scheduled around Thanksgiving, so we shall see when. It may be December before I am able to fly out there.

The Interview 

Today is the day. My big interview with Chicago. It will be done over Skype, which makes me nervous. Does anyone actually look good over Skype? I hope I at least look presentable. I will be wearing a light blue oxford shirt, with a navy and light blue striped tie, and a navy blue coat. I will also be wearing gray pants but no one will see them.

I am so very nervous. I know the job description backwards and forwards. I have a list of questions to ask them. I’m as prepared as I can be. I just pray that everything goes smoothly. I believe this job would be a major advancement for my career. I want the added responsibility. Most days in my job, I have nothing to do, but with this job, I’d be a lot busier. I like being busy. It makes the day go by faster. 

Plus with this job, I’d be living in a major city. No more Hicksville, Vermont. I think I’d have really liked New England if I’d been in a major area, but I grew up in rural Alabama and wanted to escape. I ended up escaping to rural Vermont. There are charms to Vermont, but I’ve found more aggravation here than satisfaction.
It’s quite possible I might not get this job, but I’m going to do my best. At this point all I can hope to do is to do my best.

Ugh! Monday

Why is it that when Monday rolls around, I so rarely have something to say? Work is probably going to be another boring day. All I have to do is read a book for some research on a paper I will be presenting in May. The book is actually pretty good. It’s about food in the South, which often just makes me hungry. It also makes me wonder: with the Great Migration to Chicago, does Chicago have any great soul food restaurants? I sure hope it does. It won’t matter if I don’t get the job, but there is always hope. I know I will do my very best in the interview and that’s all I can do.

Interviews II

Well, my second interview didn’t go as well as my first. The more I found out about the job, the less appealing it sounded. It also seemed to be more about the archival aspect of an oral history position than about the interviewing part. I also didn’t seem to gel with the woman over the phone like I did for the job in Chicago. The Florida job just didn’t seem to suit me. I may hear back from them, but I’m not holding my breath.

Today, I will be teaching a class on oral history. This should be fun and it will be nice to be back in the classroom.


I had what seemed to be a successful interview yesterday with the HR director in Chicago. There would be a lot of perks to this job. I just hope that the job isn’t more than I can handle. It would be a great opportunity though, and a challenge I would relish. I will know Monday or Tuesday whether I made it to the second round of interviews, which from how the HR director was talking, I have a good chance at a second interview. The second interview would take place probably sometime next week over Skype.

I have another interview this afternoon for the job in Florida. The job in Florida would have to pay a significant amount for me to take it, but it’s worth pursuing and it’s good interviewing practice.

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