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True Confession


At school, we have this one particular coach that is very hot and has an amazing butt. Since most of the day he teaches P.E., he is almost always wearing athletic shorts, which shows off his butt incredibly. As one of my coworkers likes to say, “I hate to see him go, but I sure do love to watch him walk away.” Honestly, it’s mesmerizing, and it never fails to make me incredibly horny. He has one of those amazingly shaped men’s asses in which the cheeks move up and down separately as he walks….I have to just turn away and think of dead puppies or something to keep from getting incredibly turned on. It also doesn’t hurt that he is incredibly nice, and he makes his athletes behave. Not enough coaches these days take their job as role model serious enough; they only care about winning, not understanding that if your players respect you, then they will try even harder. His athletes, though, know their punishment will be hell if they cause a teacher trouble. Oh, and have I failed to mention that he has the most gorgeous blue eyes?

I’m not the only one who notices either. All of the girls at school think he is “just so hot.” The female teachers feel the same way. It was really tough last year during spring sports when he had a coaching intern/assistant coach that was just as hot, if not a little more so (but he was a bit young for my taste). They made nice eye candy at lunch.

While I’m confessing, I probably should admit that as I was writing this post last night, I was incredibly horny, which is probably the reason that this was on my mind enough to,actually write this post.

Moment of Zen: College Football


The college football season begins today. I can’t wait to see how my team does this year. We didn’t win a game last year, but we have a new coach this year.