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Moment of Zen: My Type

My taste in men varies wildly, as you can tell by the pictures I post on this blog, but since I was 13 years old and first saw the guy that would be the center of my fantasies and dreams all through middle and high school, I have had one particular type of guy that makes me weak in the knees with lust. Hayden Lourd, the guy above, did a few videos for Cocky Boys and then seemed to disappear from the adult industry, as far as I can tell. Cocky Boys’ description of him says, “From the moment we met Hayden, he was cracking us up with his ‘live & let live’ attitude, raw masculinity, sexual energy. We were punch drunk. His sexy smile, at one moment innocent and playful, could just as easily tease and seduce before becoming an evil grin that could melt the pants off a lumberjack!” He sounds just like my type. He has the attitude and look that is my weakness. He is tall at 6’1”, just the right amount of muscles, fair hair and complexion, and crystal blue eyes. The hair and complexion always get me, especially when they are blond and have that pinkish complexion that so easily turns red for any number of emotions. In one video, his scene partner, Levi Carter, says Hayden is big in every way. I’ve seen all of him, and I’d have to agree. Plus, he has an ass to die for. I could watch this man all day. He epitomizes my type and reminds me very much of that guy who was my first crush.

Moment of Zen: Beach Sunsets

Moment of Zen: A Well (un)Dressed Man

I love seeing a well dressed man in a suit or tuxedo, but there’s something even better.

A well undressed man.

Moment of Zen: Art

Moment of Zen: Solitude

Yesterday was another stressful day at work. It’s been quite a week. Thankfully, I was only working half a day yesterday, so I was able to go home and decompress and calm down before I bit someone’s head off for their stupidity. Sometimes, you just need some solitude.

“Calgon, take me away!”

Moment of Zen: Backwards Caps

I’m not sure why I find guys with their caps on backwards to be sexy, but I suspect it’s because when I was in high school, all the cool guys always looked sexy with their caps worn like this. I’ll also admit that I was really cute looking back then when I wore my cap this way, at least that’s what I was told on more than one occasion. No pictures of that exist though.

Moment of Zen: Kissing

Moment of Zen: Hiking

I look forward to warmer weather and no snow so I can do some hiking again. There are ways to hike in the winter, but I don’t have the necessary equipment.

Moment of Zen: Furry Fellas

Moment of Zen: Cookies

Especially fresh baked cookies.