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Moment of Zen: VPL

If by any chance you aren’t familiar with the term VPL, it stands for “visible penis line,” and if you are unfamiliar with the model in this picture, he is the Bel Ami model Lukas Ridgeston. Born in Czechoslovakia—now Slovakia—in his heyday, he was known as the “King of Gay Porn,” and one of the most beautiful men in the world. He was known for his piercing blue eyes, among other things. I do remember reading once (but could not find a confirmation on this) that his blue eyes were actually contacts. Though one of the most famous gay porn stars of all time, when asked, “ Do you identify as gay, straight, or bi-sexual?” He replied, “I always say I am sexual.”

Moment of Zen: Watermelon Sugar

Being from the South, I love a good watermelon, and this song has been stuck in my head since I first heard it. I find it quite catchy. I decided to show the video of the song with just the lyrics instead of the official music video. Quite honestly, I am not a fan of Harry Styles’ looks, especially him in this video, and considering that this song is rumored to be about performing oral sex on a woman (Ew!), the video just really turned me off. I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. Styles tries to eat a slice of watermelon seductively, and it just comes off as gross, and the video consists of him eating watermelon and singing the song while being surrounded by big breasted women. While I don’t like him, I do like the song, and men can be attractive while eating watermelon. Styles just isn’t.

Moment of Zen: Cuddling

Moment of Zen: Openings

I’m happy to see things in Vermont are improving. Our number of new COVID-19 cases has slowed considerably, and the governor is beginning to slowly allow things to reopen.

Moment of Zen: Sweet Tea

Moment of Zen: Hot Bath

Moment of Zen: This Guy…

…because damn, he’s hot. 🥵

Moment of Zen: Calvin Klein Briefs

I don’t usually write anything for my Moments of Zen, but I just wanted to with this one.

Probably the first time I saw a man in his underwear, he was wearing briefs. There are a lot of underwear companies out there, but for me, none are as iconic as Calvin Klein. Of course, white is the most classic: tighty whitey Calvins, damn! However, gray and black are fine with me also. From Mark Wahlberg to Shawn Mendes (my personal favorite), Calvin Klein has given us some iconic images. Most of the images here are not official models for CK, but they sure know how to accentuate a pair of briefs.

And a couple of boxer briefs because these giys make them look oh so sexy.

Moment of Zen: A Haircut

With this pandemic, it’s been too long between haircuts. 💇‍♂️

Moment of Zen: Vintage