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Moment of Zen: Al Fresco Dining

It’s that season again, and I love eating outside, especially with friends.

Moment of Zen: Binge-Watching

Moment of Zen: Coca-Cola

There are two beverages that I love more than any other: Coca-Cola and Sweet Iced Tea. Some people love various alcoholic beverages, and though there are a few I like, there is nothing like an ice cold Coca-Cola or a glass of Sweet Iced Tea on a hot summer’s day.

Moment of Zen: Country Boys

I grew up surrounded by country boys, so my earliest crushes were all county boys, and I still have a thing for them. Most of the ones I knew didn’t wear cowboy hats but baseball caps, like the guys below.

BONUS: A country boy with a Jeep, two sexy things that just go together.

Moment of (Shower) Zen

Moment of Zen: Pink

The color pink just seems appropriate for both 🐣 Spring 💐 and ✝️ Easter 🕊.

Moment of Zen: 1, 2, 3, 4…

Moment of Zen: Cuddling

This is what I miss most about having a boyfriend: laying in bed in each other arms. Besides a hug, it’s one of the safest and most comforting feelings.

I especially miss it during cold winter nights in Vermont.

Moment of Zen: Tanlines

Moment of Zen: Balconies

While I’ve always had a fear of heights,I have also always loved balconies.