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Moment of Zen: Just a Glimpse

Sometimes, the sexiest thing is just a hint of skin. How many of us have swooned when a guy raised his arm or scratched his belly showing that little glimpse of skin? Most guys have that little trail that leads down to the hidden treasure below.

Moment of Zen: Rainbows

Moment of Zen: Isabella

Not a picture of Isabella but similar, and the guy is hot.
Worth of a moment of Zen, I’d say.

Six years ago today, I went to the Central Vermont Humane Society and picked out a beautiful black kitten named Bridget. I knew right away that I’d be changing her name, so I named her Isabella (I enjoy naming my cats after historic queens). I brought her home, and we’ve been together since then. I had been going through a very difficult time and was in a period of a deep and dark depression. Isabella helped pull me out of that darkness. I love her dearly, even if she never lets me sleep late.

Precious from Day 1, she has been a faithful companion.

⬆️ Isabella at just a few weeks old.⬆️

⬇️Isabella at a few years old.⬇️

⬆️A curious Isabella at my old apartment.⬆️

⬇️A curious Isabella at my new apartment.⬇️

⬆️An absolute beauty and she knows it.⬇️

Moment of Zen: Hiking

Vermont has a state wide biking and walking route called the Cross Vermont Trail that is under construction. The idea behind the project is to make a multi-use path the width of Vermont following the Winooski River and Wells River. There are a couple of sections near me, and one in particular that I have been enjoying walking. Considering that public nudity is legal in Vermont, I’d love to come across some of these guys on the path, but so far, I haven’t been that lucky. I’ll keep trying. If nothing else, it’s good exercise and the scenery along the river is beautiful.

Moment of Zen: Pride

Moment of Zen: Country Boys

Moment of Zen: Books

Moment of Zen: Breakfast

Moment of Zen: Matteo Lane

I have tickets to see Matteo’s show at the Vermont Comedy Club in Burlington tonight. I’m very excited because I find him very funny.

Moment of Zen: Those Eyes

This is Laurence Coke and he has some of the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen. I guy with nice eyes always makes me a little weak in the knees. His smile isn’t bad either.