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Moment of Zen: Pink

The color pink just seems appropriate for both 🐣 Spring 💐 and ✝️ Easter 🕊.

Moment of Zen: 1, 2, 3, 4…

Moment of Zen: Cuddling

This is what I miss most about having a boyfriend: laying in bed in each other arms. Besides a hug, it’s one of the safest and most comforting feelings.

I especially miss it during cold winter nights in Vermont.

Moment of Zen: Tanlines

Moment of Zen: Balconies

While I’ve always had a fear of heights,I have also always loved balconies.

Moment of Zen: Doctors and Medicines

I am very fortunate to have a primary care physician who is such a wonderful and caring person. He is very good at listening to me and discussing every aspect of my health with me. While these are characteristics of any good doctor, I have had doctors who did not care as much for their patients. For those doctors, a patient was just a job. However, my current healthcare team is very different. They seem to genuinely care about what is best for my health.

I am also exceedingly happy that my doctor referred me to the Headache Clinic at Dartmouth, and that I have received such wonderful care there. It has been a journey to get the right medicine to deal with my migraines, but Botox seems to be working well. The indomethacin prescribed for my hemicrania continua seems to also be working very well. While the first two doses provided some relief, with the exception of when I first woke up yesterday morning, I was headache-free throughout the day. This is basically the first time in about four months that I have been without head pain. I pray that this improvement will continue, and the indomethacin and Botox will continue to be effective. 

So, my moment of Zen today is having caring and competent doctors who know the correct medicine to prescribe to allow me to feel normal again. I am very happy to have a great relationship with my doctor. Even when I have had to see another provider at his clinic, he has the other providers consult with him about my care. I am also very appreciative of his nurse, who I find to be very sweet, and I have often talked to her on the phone to provide updates on my health. I feel that I have a great healthcare team.

P.S. My physical therapist is also fantastic and deserves a mention. The things she can do with her hands to relieve one of my headaches is enough to make me want to marry her. I wish I could see her every time I have a headache because she knows how to manipulate my head in a way to relieve the pain like no medicine has ever been able to do. Sadly, I can’t just go see her every time I have a headache, so I am glad that I have found medications that seem to work.

Moment of Zen: Golf

I miss playing golf. I played on the golf team in high school, which is when I learned to play. I thought it would be a good skill if I became a lawyer, which was my original career ambition. I loved playing, even if I was never very good at it. It was still fun. It’s been a decade or more since I have played. My favorite golf course used to be the 9-hole “Deer Haven” course at the Roland Cooper State Park in Camden, Alabama. It used to be a beautiful course that ran along the Alabama River.

Moment of Zen: Pizza

Moment of Zen: Venice

I’d love to go back to Venice someday when it’s not in October or during Acqua Alta (when much of the city floods during high tide). When I went to Italy in October 2006 to do research for my dissertation, I spent a week in Venice, and the city was so cold and rainy. I caught a bad cold and was miserable most of the time I was there. It was a miserable but memorable week. The Gondolieri in the picture above made it worthwhile. I can’t tell you how long I stood on that bridge watching him maneuver that gondola. It was a beautiful sight. Venice itself is a beautiful and amazing city, and while I preferred Florence over Rome or Venice (I spent a month in those three cities), I would like to see Venice again when the weather is better and I’m not sick.

Moment of Zen: A Warm Spot

This is really Isabella’s moment of zen and not mine. Nearly every morning when I get out of bed, Isabella immediately curls up in the warm spot I just vacated. Usually, she stays there for most of the morning before venturing out of the bedroom around lunchtime.