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Moment of Zen: Cheekiness

Moment of Zen: Steven Lee

Steven Lee is a porn star for Falcon Studios. He’s not 100 percent my type, but he’s quite handsome and has the right equipment to be a porn star (I can’t show pics of that though). With that being said, he’s a pretty interesting guy. He is a gay man’s fantasy – Georgia born, high school jock, and smart guy – he holds a bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Science. For a brief time, he showed off his assets on television, working as a TV meteorologist in Texas – can you imagine waking up to that every morning? I’d definitely be watching the news more regularly, and we have our fair share of hot anchormen in Vermont already. However, he left the news saying, “The pays awful, the hours are awful, and viewers are assholes. I did it for 2 years in 2 different cities and that was plenty!” Weathermen always seem to get the brunt of critical viewers because let’s face it, the weather is hard to predict. He currently lives in Denver, where he also performs as the drag queen MascKara.

Moment of Zen: Cats

I can’t have a Moment of Zen about cats without my own girls. Here is Isabella. If you don’t know, she’s the cat I adopted in Vermont and currently lives with me.

I’m not sure I have ever posted pics of my other girls on this blog before, but here is Lucy (L-gray calico) and Edith (R-black calico). They are my girls who live in Alabama with my aunt. I adopted them after Victoria, my cat of 16 years, died. I wasn’t originally allowed to bring them to Vermont because I couldn’t find an apartment that would let me have cats. They had to stay with my aunt, who now won’t let me have them back. She really would, but they are happy where they are. It’s the only home they have ever known besides the animal shelter.

All my girls are very sweet. Isabella is my constant companion. Edith is always demure at first when she sees me, but she eventually warms up and is happy to see me. She just doesn’t always show it right away. Lucy is the shy one and a real scaredy cat. No one but my aunt ever sees her, except when I come home and she hears my voice, then she will come out, but only when she is certain no one else is around.

Moment of Zen: Starbucks

Back when I was teaching college in Alabama, I used to go by Starbucks every Tuesday and Thursday before class and get a venti vanilla latte. I always went to this one particular Starbucks that was not exactly on my way to the university; however, the hottest guy worked in this particular Starbucks. I always went there to flirt with him. I’m pretty sure he was gay. No straight man back then wore designer clothes to work at a Starbucks in Alabama. He has that southern gay boy sense of fashion. He wore designer accessories with his uniform (Gucci belt, designer shoes, etc.) He was really cute—dark hair and eyes, tall and skinny, with a cute little butt that I knew would look fabulous out of his tight-fitting pants. He always seemed so happy to see me when I would go in, more so than many people that come into the café. I’d seen him interact with other customers, and I never saw him wave hello to anyone else or smile when they walked in. He always gave me a big wave, smile big, and say, “Hey man, how’s it going?” I was probably imagining that he seemed nicer to me, but I can have my little fantasies occasionally. It probably meant nothing; he just saw me every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon on my way to teach. He was always friendly nonetheless, and if he was able to do so, he always struck up a conversation, though it was mostly about how beautiful the weather was that day. I always just wanted to say, “So, what time do you get off work? I think you are really hot and would love to get to know you better.” However, just like now, I was a shy person and would never do that.

He always made the very best vanilla lattes. I know it is a Starbucks after all, and their drinks should usually taste the same no matter which location you bought it, but there was definitely something different about the way he made mine. I miss those vanilla lattes. I never did ask him out or do anything beyond being just mildly flirtatious. Eventually, a new chair took over the history department at the university, and he hired a whole new group of adjuncts to teach the lower level history classes. Since I wasn’t going to teach anymore, I quit going by Starbucks twice a week, and I don’t’ remember ever seeing that guy again. I wonder where he is now.

Moment of Zen: No Explanation Needed

Moment of Zen: Those Eyes

Moment of Zen: VPL

If by any chance you aren’t familiar with the term VPL, it stands for “visible penis line,” and if you are unfamiliar with the model in this picture, he is the Bel Ami model Lukas Ridgeston. Born in Czechoslovakia—now Slovakia—in his heyday, he was known as the “King of Gay Porn,” and one of the most beautiful men in the world. He was known for his piercing blue eyes, among other things. I do remember reading once (but could not find a confirmation on this) that his blue eyes were actually contacts. Though one of the most famous gay porn stars of all time, when asked, “ Do you identify as gay, straight, or bi-sexual?” He replied, “I always say I am sexual.”

Moment of Zen: Watermelon Sugar

Being from the South, I love a good watermelon, and this song has been stuck in my head since I first heard it. I find it quite catchy. I decided to show the video of the song with just the lyrics instead of the official music video. Quite honestly, I am not a fan of Harry Styles’ looks, especially him in this video, and considering that this song is rumored to be about performing oral sex on a woman (Ew!), the video just really turned me off. I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. Styles tries to eat a slice of watermelon seductively, and it just comes off as gross, and the video consists of him eating watermelon and singing the song while being surrounded by big breasted women. While I don’t like him, I do like the song, and men can be attractive while eating watermelon. Styles just isn’t.

Moment of Zen: Cuddling

Moment of Zen: Openings

I’m happy to see things in Vermont are improving. Our number of new COVID-19 cases has slowed considerably, and the governor is beginning to slowly allow things to reopen.