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Snow Day

Today is supposed to be another day of snow. We are expecting 1-3 inches. I hope it’s not more than that. I know I complain about snow, even though I think it’s beautiful, it’s still a lot of work. I have enough to do without having to worry about what all extra I have to do on a snow day. Complaining is over.


While overnight we were expecting rain and warmer temperatures, snow has been on the ground the last couple of days. As a southerner, I get fascinated by snow. As someone who lives in Vermont, snow is quite aggravating. If I could stay home and watch it snow, I’d be happy for it to snow, snow, snow, but rarely do we have that luxury. We have to go to work which means getting out and scraping your car of ice and brushing off all the snow. I hate doing that. Which in turns means, I’ve begun to hate snow.

Just to clear something up, I was just ranting about snow. It still fascinates me. I’m just lazy some mornings and hate having to go scrape ice off my car. Brushing the snow off isn’t too bad.


Yesterday, we never got below freezing. Today, the high is supposed to be 17. Welcome to spring in Vermont.

Too Damn Much…

Snow, that is. With 18-24″ of snow over the past day, it’s just too much. It’s too much to drive in, too much to have to brush off your car, and too much to dig out your car. I like snow when I don’t have to go anywhere. I like it when I can look out my window and say, “How pretty.” But when I have to get out in it. When I have to sludge through the snow to my car, or when I have to hope and pray that my apartment owner gets someone out to plow the parking lot, that’s when it’s just too damn much snow.

More Snow

Snow is supposed to start late tonight and continue on to late Thursday. Unlike the last 12+ inches of snow we just received, this new system is going to slowly dump 5-10 inches on us. I’m getting a little more used to the snow, but I still hate cleaning it off my car in the mornings. The snow keeps piling up though. At my office, it has already reached up past the first pane of my window. That’s only like 2 feet, but that’s more than I’ve seen since I moved to Vermont.


Snow, snow, snow. Too much snow. We are getting more than 12 inches of snow yesterday and today. It is the most I have seen since I moved to Vermont. Quite honestly, I am not prepared for this much snow. I hope that they will delay the opening of the school (and thus the museum) or cancel school for the day. I doubt they will do either, but I can hope they will.

Luckily, they did plow the parking lot of my apartment. If the snow wasn’t too much last night, I’ll be able to get to work. So much uncertainty, but maybe I just worry too much.


It is currently -9 degrees F here this morning. The wind chill is well below -20. It’s cold up here. We are not expecting snow today, but should receive 4-7″ tomorrow. Did I mention that it is cold? I will be going from my apartment to my car and then my car to my office and reverse that trip today. That is all I plan to get out for. It’s just too cold to do much else. It’s one of those days when I wish we could just stay snuggled up in our warm safe beds.

Heat Wave

For most of the country, it’s hot. Even here in Vermont, yesterday was hot. It got up to 91 according to my car’s external temperature thermometer. Luckily, we will get down to the 70s and 80s later in the week. My mother called yesterday to see what the temperature was like up here. I told her it was hot but nothing like at home where the temperature is 97-99 degrees. God only knows (and the weatherman) what the heat index was like. Their lows for the next ten days is 72-73, while that will be our high come Saturday. While yesterday was hot in Vermont, we only get that one or two days every couple of weeks. I’m not complaining, except I don’t have an air conditioner at home. Thankfully, the museum is air conditioned.

The reason my mom called is because she and my niece are coming to visit next week. She wanted to know how to pack. I didn’t tell her what everyone tells me, “If you don’t like the weather in Vermont, wait fifteen minutes and it will be completely different.” While that is an exaggeration, it’s not much of one. The weathermen never predict the weather correctly. They can tell you what it’s currently like outside, but that’s as good as it gets. The weather is constantly changing. The forecast shows thunderstorms for the next four days, but it rained last night and it likely won’t even rain at all. And what passes as a thunderstorm here is nothing like what I’ve experienced in the South. What they call a thunderstorm is technically a thunder storm because of the thunder but the rain is what I’d consider a light rain, nothing more.

Anyone who doesn’t believe in global warming has not experienced Vermont for the past nine months. The winter was mild, and the summer has been hot. I guess there were a few perfect days in what passed as spring here. Winter though was not that bad. Dress appropriately and there was nothing to fear. Summer has been something entirely different. I dress nice for work everyday, which usually means a long sleeve shirt. As soon as I get home to my un-air conditioned apartment, the pants come off and a t-shirt is put on. If I didn’t have the windows up, I’d probably just go naked the whole time I was home, but decency keeps me from showing the world the horrors of me being naked.


Just when we thought that winter was over, it snowed all day yesterday. Now, I personally would rather have snow over rain, but that’s just me. However, this was a slushy snow so it might as well have been rain. My hair got just as wet. I know I looked like a drowned rat, lol. I had to walk across campus yesterday and I needed a hat or an umbrella, but both were in my car and not where I needed them to be.

Maybe that is the last of the snow. We got a lot more snow than was predicted, but it’s supposed to be sunny and beautiful the rest of the week. I’ve been told that summer in Vermont makes it all worth it, but I’ve been told the same thing about autumn and spring. I’ll make my assessment on the best season in October when I’ve been here a full year.

TGIF?…Not Really


Yesterday’s post about anticipating cold weather and how it’s been a mild winter in Vermont wasn’t taken as tongue in cheek by everyone as expected. Then again, people don’t always (if ever) get my sense of humor. It’s a little odd the things I find funny. Anyway, yesterday’s post was supposed to be a bit fun.

While today is Friday, I’m not looking forward to the weekend. It will be another lonely weekend. I do not plan on leaving my warm cozy apartment this weekend. I definitely don’t plan to walk to church Sunday morning in -12 degree temperatures. As I’m writing this the wind chill outside is -17 degrees and the actual temperature is a whopping 0. When this blog piece posts, it is supposed to be -3. I do have to go outside tomorrow, and honestly, I don’t mind. However, with the temperature predicted to be dangerously low with wind chills of (now they are predicting) -20 to -30, I think I’ll stay in. Maybe I will do some house cleaning or maybe I’ll just stay in my warm bed and read. Our friend Susan has given me a list of books to read, and I might as well get to reading them.

What are your plans for the weekend? Is this arctic blast supposed to reach you? When I told a friend of mine what the wind chill was last night, she happily said that it was 70 degrees where she was in Louisiana. Her other comment was “Holy shit, that’s cold.” I’d still rather be cold than hot, and besides, I like winter fashions over summer fashions.
PS Speaking of winter fashions, I have yet to buy the requisite Vermont flannel shirt that seems to be the uniform here. I’m just not a flannel kind of guy.

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