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Weekend Recap

My heart goes out to those who are suffering from the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. Hurricanes can be so devastating, and the loss of electricity at this time of year for those in the hurricane’s path can be deadly. With a lack of air conditioning, the heat and the humidity can be overwhelming in a hurricane’s aftermath, not to mention the massive number of bugs that are pushed ashore from storms like these. In the days after Katrina, the love bugs were so numerous that you couldn’t always see more than twenty feet in front of you. The love bugs are the harmless ones. The mosquitoes and gnats and all the other creepy crawlies will be everywhere. They are mostly a nuisance, the devastation that comes from wind, flooding, and tornadoes is much worse. So, the people in the path of Hurricane Ida are in my prayers.

I had a really bad migraine day yesterday. I’m hoping to wake up this morning with less pain than yesterday. It was one of the worst migraines I’ve had in years. At times, the pain brought tears to my eyes. Thankfully, I go for my next Botox treatment on Thursday. I’m hoping I will see improvement because I think the last treatment has worn off. I’m not looking forward to the procedure, but I am looking forward to the effects of it. I really hope it helps. Migraines with the addition of the trigeminal neuralgia pain can be overwhelming at times, and I need some relief.

I had short periods when I was able to be slightly productive. I made the brown sugar pecan pound cake I spoke of the other day. I made one on Saturday, but it did not turn out as well as I expected. Putting the pecans on top as the recipe called for, caused me to mistakenly believe it was completely done (the toothpick did come out clean). As it cooled, I realized that it was not done in the middle, so yesterday, when I had a short time with tolerable pain, I made another one. It turned out much better partly because I cooked it longer, but also because I mixed all of the pecans in the batter. It’s almost too sweet for my tastes, but it was good. I wouldn’t have made another yesterday, except that I’d promised my friend and neighbor that I’d give her half the cake when it was made. I was embarrassed and wouldn’t give her part of the failed cake. I didn’t want to admit defeat, so I made another one.

It wasn’t the greatest of weekends, but I hope the week will be better. Work should not be too bad this week (fingers crossed/knock on wood). I’m off work Thursday for my Botox treatment, and I’m taking a vacation day Friday so I can be refreshed and have plenty of time to get ready for the Pride Ball in Burlington that night. Sunday will be the annual Vermont Pride Parade down Church Street in Burlington. It most likely won’t be a big parade. They never are. They only last about 20-30 minutes, but they are fun. So, I have that to look forward to this weekend.


It looks like today might be a very wet day in Vermont. According to what Tropical Storm Henri does overnight and what I wake up to this morning, we could get a lot of rain. In my life, I’ve been through a lot of tropical storms and a few hurricanes (Opal [1995] and Katrina [2005] being the most memorable), but I thought once I moved to Vermont, the most I could expect was the remnants of tropical weather. We’ll see what today brings. It looks like most of it will be in southern Vermont. Central and northern Vermont are expecting to get very little, if any. However, you never really know. Tropical weather systems, no matter how strong or weak, can be very unpredictable. Henri has basically changed course every hour, but as of last night, it looked like the storm would turn east and go across Massachusetts.

The thing about storms like Henri, I really wish I could stay home and not have to get out in it, but if it’s not too bad, I know the museum will be open, and I’ll have to go into work. Thank goodness for umbrellas.

Early Morning Update: It looks like Vermont will be spared from Henri. NJ, NY, RI, and CT will most likely continue to take the brunt of the storm today. It is tracking East heading out into the Atlantic, but it appears to be slow moving. Vermont could see some rain this evening, but nothing close to what was originally predicted.

Bad Weather

A heat wave, high humidity, a storm front, and a cold front all passing through Vermont over the last few days, the weather has been crazy. The heat, and I know it’s much worse elsewhere, and changes in atmospheric pressure has gotten to me. I woke yesterday with a bad migraine that plagued me all day and into the evening. I had to take a sick day from work, and I spent most of the day in bed. I pray that I wake up today feeling much better.

Overall, my headaches have been getting better, but the damage done to my trigeminal nerve by that infected tooth is going to take some time to heal. My doctor told me it would likely be slow to heal. I am on medicine to calm the nerve pain, but major changes in the weather still trigger headaches.

A Few Things: 💉 🐾 🦷 🌨


Today’s the day. I’m getting my second COVID-19 vaccine. I’ve been told that the second shot is the one more likely to cause side effects, but so far, with the Pfizer vaccine which I’m getting, I’ve just heard that it made people sleepy. The Moderna vaccine seems to have a few more side effects. My dentist and his office took the Moderna and he said they all felt like they had a bad cold for a day or two, but only after the second shot. Then, they were fine.


I could handle a few days of being sleepy, if Isabella will let me sleep. When she decides it is time for me to get up, she’s pretty damn insistent that I get out of bed. There’s no such thing as sleeping late with this cat, and it’s not like she wants to be fed. She has a feeder and a water fountain, so she never runs out of either. Normally, she just wants one of two things: my warm spot in the bed or attention. She can be a bit of an attention whore at times.


I’ll be working this morning, but I’m taking off this afternoon and I have tomorrow off for my regular “use it or lose it” vacation day Fridays. Even though I have tomorrow off, I’ll be up and ready early as I have an 8 am dental cleaning appointment. I really hope that I can convince my dentist to either talk to the oral surgeon to let them know the urgency of taking out this tooth or refer me to someone else who can get me in sooner. We’ll see.


Other than that, I have no plans for this weekend. We are expecting rain all day today, and snow most of tomorrow. The last forecast I saw said we could expect 3-6” of snow, but the weatherman said that the ground is warm enough that it is unlikely to stick. It is expected to be a heavy wet snow. I hope it’s not too bad when I get up early tomorrow morning. I was really hoping I was done with cleaning snow from my car.

Vermont’s Eleven Seasons

Last week, we had some “warm” days here in Vermont. The high temperatures were in the 40s and even got up to the 50s and 60s, a veritable heat wave for us in March. Back in Alabama, these temperatures would cause us to get out our sweaters and heavy coats. In Vermont, it means we put up sweaters and heavy coats. For some, it even means that they break out their t-shirts.  I have adapted well to the cold temperatures of Vermont, but not that much. I merely wore a long sleeve shirt.

This time of year is known as “Spring of Deception,” see the picture below. The spring of deception rarely lasts long, and it looks like it lasted only a few days this year. Yesterday, it snowed off and on all day long. We will see if “Third Winter” will set in since it was 3° this morning, and the high today is expected to be 16°. It will warm up some after. We have a rollercoaster of temperatures for the next ten days. If the forecast holds, we may even get back into the 50s.

Vermont weather is very unpredictable. If the forecast continues as it looks right now, we are in for some sun, a rarity in Vermont. Before I know it, mud season will be here, although that is likely to happen next month. Being March also means that it is Maple Sugaring Season, which often corresponds with mud season.

Regardless of the “season,” it is in Vermont, it is still better than any season in Alabama. If Alabamians are lucky, they get a week of Autumn and a few weeks of Spring before the heat of summer sets in. Just as Vermont has Winter from basically October/November to April/May, Alabama has Summer from April/May to September/October. I went from long Summers to long Winters. I would much rather have the long Winters. I prefer the colder temperatures. I hate being hot and sweaty. The heat has always aggravated my migraines. I may not enjoy shoveling snow, clearing snow off my car, driving in snow, or the bitterly cold winds, but I don’t have to deal with long periods of heat and humidity, hurricanes, or tornadoes. So, I will take the long Winters.

My Monday Agenda

I have an eye doctor’s appointment today. This is only my second time going to this eye care place. I had to find a new one because the one I had been using since moving up here quit taking my insurance. I also needed a place that gave diabetic eye exams. At this new place, I saw a female optometrist the last time I went, but she has left the practice and so they called and asked me if I was okay seeing another one of their optometrists. I had no attachment to the one I originally saw, so I let them change my appointment to this new guy.

I doubt much has changed. At my last appointment, they changed the type of contacts that I wear but not my prescription. I was wearing Acuvue 2 contacts, and I was told that no one still wore them, and I needed to change to Oasys contacts, which are also made by Acuvue. I can’t tell a difference in the feel of the contacts in my eyes between the Acuvue 2 and the Oasys, but I have noticed that I don’t always see as well when I am reading. This only started after I got these new contacts. When I called my eye doctor about it, I was told that it was most likely due to age, and I needed to get a pair of low prescription reading glasses. The reading glasses do make reading a lot easier. My old eye doctor had told me that I’d likely need bifocals at some point in the future.

The good news is that my prescriptions for my glasses and my contacts (they are two different strengths) have not changed in the past several years. Hopefully, my contacts won’t change as I still have several pairs from my current prescription, and I like my current glasses, though I rarely wear them. So, we shall see what I get told today.

In other news, we have gotten nearly a foot of snow over the weekend. It started in the early hours of Saturday morning before I woke up and when I went to bed last night, it had not stopped. The heaviest snowfall was Saturday morning when we got more than half of the snow that fell over the weekend. Since I moved to Vermont just over five years ago, we have only gotten 3-6″ of snow at a time. This winter has been different. In the snowstorm we got just after Christmas, we got 9″ which at the time was the most snowfall I had seen at one time since I moved here. That snow was dry fluffy snow and was easy to brush off my car and patio. The snowfall over the weekend has been heavy wet snow that was difficult to clean off my car. Luckily, I did not have to clean off my patio because my neighbor and her kids came yesterday morning and cleaned off the patio and stairs for me.

Winter is Coming

It feels like winter has been here for a while, with -10 degrees as the morning low the other day. However, today is the official first day of winter. According to the Almanac:

If you were hoping for a reprieve from harsh winter weather this year, we have some news that just might make you smile. We’re predicting a light winter for most of us here in the United States, with warmer-than-normal temperatures in the forecast for a large part of the country.

Uncommonly chilly temperatures will be limited mostly to the western states and northeastern New England. Specifically, winter will be colder than normal in Maine; the Intermountain, Desert Southwest, and Pacific Southwest regions; and eastern Hawaii and above normal elsewhere.

On the precipitation side of things, expect “wet” to be a wintertime constant, with rain or average to below-average snowfall to be the standard throughout most of the country.

Specifically, precipitation will be below normal from Delmarva into North Carolina; in the southern Appalachians, Georgia, and Florida from the Ohio Valley westward to the Pacific and southward to the Gulf and Mexico; and in western Hawaii and above or near normal elsewhere.

Snowfall will be greater than normal in the Northeast, Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, the High Plains, and northern Alaska and below normal in most other areas that receive snow.

It looks like all of us here in New England are looking at colder than average temperatures and more snowfall than usual. Since we did not get the average snowfall here in New England last year, it would be an excellent year for Vermont’s ski resorts if it wasn’t for the pandemic. Considering anyone entering Vermont from another state must quarantine for 14 days, I doubt the ski resorts will be very busy with out-of-staters. Many people would probably ignore the 14-day quarantine, but the governor is having undercover investigators checking up on resorts to make sure they are following the rules. If the resorts are repeatedly ignoring the rules, they will be warned first; then, they could face fines if they do not heed the warnings.

Suppose you want something more scientific than the Almanac as a predictor of winter. In that case, NOAA’s winter forecast for the U.S. favors warmer, drier conditions across the southern tier of the U.S., and cooler, wetter conditions in the North, thanks in part to an ongoing La Nina. Forecasters at NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center — a division of the National Weather Service — are also closely monitoring persistent drought during the winter months ahead, with more than 45% of the continental U.S. now experiencing drought. Currently, large areas of drought extend over the western half of the U.S., with parts of the Northeast also experiencing drought and near-record low stream flows. With a La Nina climate pattern in place, southern parts of the U.S. may experience expanded and intensifying drought during the winter months ahead. 


We are in for a major snow and ice storm today. They are predicting a nasty one. I plan to stay inside if it’s too bad, but I realized last night that I’d forgotten about my doctor’s appointment today. I’m not going to get out if the weather is too bad, so I will probably have to reschedule the appointment. I also hope that this storm is over and done with by tomorrow night. I have tickets for New Queer’s Eve in Burlington. I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks. I hope my plans continue without difficulties.


The first major snowfall of the season began yesterday afternoon. I’m not sure I’m ready for it. I like snow beat when I don’t have to go anywhere, but today, I’ll have to go to work. Hopefully, they will plow my parking lot before I get ready to go. I doubt that will happen since my landlord isn’t the best at thinking ahead or thinking at all for that matter. Anyway, without a doubt, this means I’ll have to go out and get all the snow off my car before I can head to work. Honestly, the fear of the parking lot not being plowed and having to get the snow off my car are really the two major things I hate about winter. I usually don’t mind the cold as long as I don’t have to be in it for long periods of time.


The remnants of Hurricane Barry will be passing over Vermont the next few days. That means a low pressure system is moving through. I’ve been through enough tropical storms and hurricane to know what’s coming with the low pressure systems: sinus headaches. I had to leave work early yesterday because of one. The pressure around my eyes was causing pounding pain. I hate tropical weather, and thank goodness, it rarely comes to Vermont. However, come it has. We are even expecting a heat wave this weekend. Thank goodness I have an air conditioner now. Does anyone else get affected by weather like this?