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I don’t often eat breakfast even though I know I should. However, if the man above was serving me breakfast I’d eat every morning. Usually, breakfast for me is a cup of coffee. But there are many benefits to eating a proper breakfast.

The literal meaning of the word “breakfast,” is to break the fast between dinner and the meal eaten after a person wakes up the next morning. If you think about the amount of time spanning between dinner and breakfast, the meaning of the word is very fitting. For most people, it can be up to 12 hours since their last meal, and yet like me, they are quick to skip it as they rush out the door. Here are 10 benefits of eating breakfast and why it should be considered the most important meal of the day:

1. Energy Boost to Start the Day
2. Sharper Focus
3. Breakfast Helps Reduce Morning Crankiness
4. Metabolism Boost
5. Prevents Starvation
6. Keeps You From Overeating
7. Allows You to Properly Portion Your Meals
8. Helps Lower the “Bad” Cholesterol
9. Breakfast Can Be Nutritious and Delicious
10. Eat Breakfast to Lose Weight

Lazy Weekend 

Some days are meant just for being lazy. That’s how this weekend was. Saturday, I did have tentative plans but they fell through. Sunday, I was forced to be lazy. I had a major headache, worse than I’ve had in a while. I took the appropriate medication and it went away for a while, but then it came back. I’m hoping that I wake up this morning without a headache, but only time will tell. Minus the headache, sometimes it’s good to be lazy and catch up on some television.

Headache, Again

All weekend long, I have had a headache. The worst was yesterday. I took medicine, a nap, and more medicine, with nothing helping. Hopefully, it will be better today. I know a lot of people have today off for MLK Day, but I do not. I have to work like any other Monday.


I had a headache last night, so I went to bed early.


I had a sudden and terrible headache last night, so I took some medicine and went to bed early last night. Luckily today should be a stress free day at work.


It’s been a while since I’ve had a bad headache. Saturday night, I didn’t sleep very well. It was one of those times when you close your eyes but you don’t sleep, you just drift in and out. After I finally did fall asleep, I woke with a headache. I spent most of my Sunday catching up on the sleep I did not get the night before. I’m hoping that I wake up this morning headache free.

My Health

Over the past couple of years I have been suffering from cluster headaches. At first they went undiagnosed, but a doctor diagnosed me with them about 18 months ago. I went through the treatment to stop their cycle and eventually it worked for a time. Then they came back, but not as strong as before I was put on a daily dose of a preventive medicine. About a month or so ago, I went to a neurologist. At first he did not believe I had cluster headaches or migraines. I have both. However, he decided he might as well try treating me for the cluster headaches since I have medicine that will stop the migraines.

The first thing he did was triple the dose of my medicine. I had been prescribed too low of a dose and he brought it up to the recommended level. Since then, I have been cluster headache free. When I went to see the neurologist yesterday, he finally agreed that I must have had cluster headaches since the treatment was working so well. I still have headaches, sinus headaches and the occasional migraine, but I no longer have the never ending pain of the chronic cluster headaches. The relief from the cluster headaches is tremendous, but even more so, I feel relief at knowing for sure what has been wrong with me the last several years.

My depression has also eased with an increased dosage of my antidepressant. I feel better right now then I have in years. The depression isn’t gone. I still have blue days here and there are moments of intense sadness, but it is not a constant state of sadness that I experienced before the increased antidepressant. I’ve also seen a drop in my anxiety. I don’t feel panicked all the time. I am calmer.

I tend to hide my pain very well. For the past year, especially the past ten months, I have been absolutely miserable. I was in constant pain, mentally and physically. Most people wouldn’t know it though because I hid it the best I could. Over the past month with changes to my medication, I feel better than I have in quite some time. Please pray for me that the pain will stay away. I realize that there will be periodic bouts of loneliness, fatigue, and depression, but they are no longer constant like they were. I hope and pray that my pain won’t be coming back any time soon.


For the first time in quite some time I had a headache last night bad enough that I didn’t feel like blogging.


For some reason, I felt a bit blue last night. I don’t know what it was, but I had been feeling down since I left work. Work went well today, so I know that’s not the problem. I was really missing my friends and family last night. I wish it knew what triggered these episodes. It’s like a feeling of great sadness and longing. I hate the way I look. I hate the way I feel. I hate everything about myself. It’s a pity party, and I know it. I’ll be all right, I know, but the only solution for last night was to go to bed early and wake up hoping today is a better day.


I have another doctor’s appointment today. This time it is with a neurologist. It’s been many years since I’ve seen a neurologist. I’ve had tests run for my cluster headaches, but nothing ever came of them. Over the course of my life, I have been to many doctors and many specialists for my headaches, none of them have offered relief. The only relief I’ve ever gotten is with the medicine that my old doctor prescribed to help prevent the cluster cycles. While it greatly lessens the intensity of the cluster headaches, they haven’t completely gone away. There is still rarely a moment when I don’t have a headache. Luckily, they are no longer debilitating, but they are manageable. I wish I could be headache free, but I’ve come to the point that I doubt it will ever happen. At this point it seems to be more about managing the pain, which I’ve mostly learned to do, and not to concentrate on ending the pain, which I’m not sure is possible at this point. I’ve suffered with them for so long, I don’t know how I’d deal with being pain free.

I’m sure the headaches are also spurred on by my depression. I’m still waiting on a referral to a therapist. I’ve resigned to go, but I’m not thrilled about it. The last experience with therapy was not good, but maybe I can find one that will help.


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