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I have a terrible cold. I’ll write more later when I feel better.


Yesterday was not a good day. First of all, for the past few days, I’ve had a toothache when I lie down at night. It doesn’t really hurt any other time. Sunday night, the pain stopped and I thought all was okay. Then on Monday night, the pain was back. I didn’t have a choice but to call my dentist and make an appointment. Luckily, they were able to get me in right away. They did an x-ray of the tooth. Underneath the filling I just had done a few weeks ago, there was s huge cavity that had grown into the pulp of my tooth. The only way to eliminate the pain is to do a root canal. However, I have to wait until April 30 to do anything about it. So that’s how my morning started out.

Then I got two emails. One asked me to do an oral history on a 90-year-old alumnus. The problem is not doing an oral history; that is still part of my job description. The problem is when he’s in Vermont, I am not. So it looks like I may have to go to New Jersey for the interview. The trip may or may not involve a funeral.  In the second one, the speaker I had hoped to get for an event in November can’t make it for the dates we need. This is my third try at a speaker. So I am back to square one. We do have an alumnus who is the head of a major Washington museum whom my boss is trying to get instead. It turns out, though, he has to go through our Development Office first. That’s just one more delay.

I also realized how much I still have to do before I leave for Alabama on Sunday.

On top of all that, I had a migraine for most of the day.


I’ve had the beginnings of a cold for the past few days. I was up Wednesday and Thursday night coughing, so I took some NyQuil Friday night. It knocked me out, not only for the night, but for most of Saturday. I did stay up long enough to take my taxes to be done, what a fucking mess they are for a variety of reasonsm but that’s another story. After how drowsy it made me Saturday, I decided to take just half a dose of NyQuil Saturday night. I swear I think it was worse. I had so much trouble waking up, and then once I was awake staying awake. On top of that I just felt like crap. Not more NyQuil for me.

Progress, Hopefully

As I said at the first of the week, I’ve started a diet of sorts. I’m watching what I eat and counting my calories. So far I’ve been keeping below my suggested calorie count each day. That has to be a good sign. I haven’t weighed myself, but I’ve been using portion control and lower calorie foods. By eating lower calorie foods, I can actually be full and feel like I’ve eaten a good meal. The last time I lost a great deal of weight, I counted calories, so I hope this will work this time too.

Ready, Set, Go!

Yesterday started what I hope to be a new day in my life. I downloaded the MyFitnessPal app to help me lose weight. It’s largely an app that keeps up a calorie count and calculates what calories you need to eat each day to lose weight. It also tracks exercise. I went over my calorie count yesterday, but I’m going to try to do better today. I’ve been improving my eating habits of late by incorporating breakfast into my diet everyday. While I haven’t weighed myself to see if I’ve lost weight, I know I’ve lost some because I’ve had to go up a notch in my belt. Time will tell how this will go.

Pic of the Day


Since I went to Florida for work, my neck and shoulder have been bothering me. While I was in Florida, I wasn’t able to sleep because the pain was so bad. The pain isn’t as bad now as it was, but it’s still somewhat painful. It’s caused my headaches to be more intense as it involves more of my upper body. Yesterday, I had my first visit to the physical therapist. She began with a long evaluation of what was wrong and then began poking and prodding me as I turned left and right. Apparently, I have more of a problem with my left shoulder than my right, and I have bad posture and a week middle back. These are things she will be working with me on. She did show me a technique to get rid of my headaches without medicine, which worked very well since I went in with a headache and came out without one. Some of it was a bit painful, but ultimately I think it was worth it. My appointments will be weekly for now and I have three different exercises to do at home. I really hope she is successful in what she’s trying to do.

Yet Another Monday

The Super Bowl basically sucked. I found it rather boring. The commercials, usually the best part, were mediocre at best. There were a few standouts: Mercedes, T-Mobile, and, my favorite, Amazon Alexa. I found the Washington Post ad to be rather moving, but the rest, I just wasn’t that impressed. What did you think?

I also had a terrible headache yesterday. The worst I’ve had in four years. I took the maximum amount of pain killers I could and spent most of the day in bed. Finally my headache eased enough for me to make dinner and watch the Super Bowl. The headache never did go away fully. I went to bed with it still bothering me.

So with such a sucky Sunday, let’s hope it’s a better Monday.


About a month ago, I had to have a chest x-ray and they made me take out my nipple piercing. I was unable to get it back in, mainly because I was so sick. I never did get it put back in and now it’s grown back together. I am off today, mainly because I have a doctor’s appointment this morning and I wanted another day to recover from last weekend. Besides, I want to get my nipple re-pierced and a three-day weekend is a good time to do it. So this afternoon I plan to get my nipple pierced. Then I plan to go and get some CBD oil that might help my headaches. If all goes well tomorrow, it should be a good day. I have a long list of things to discuss with my doctor but I’m hoping it will all lead to a good outcome.


It’s been a while since I had a headache this bad. I went home from work early yesterday. I’ve taken all the meds I have and nothing has phased it. My neck and shoulders hurt as well. I’m just miserable. I hope a good night’s sleep will be the cure, but I haven’t been sleeping well because of the neck and shoulder pain. I even tried CBD cream, but it hasn’t helped that much. Here’s hoping I wake up this morning headache free.

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