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I pretty much did nothing yesterday. I was feeling yucky with a migraine and nausea. I’m not really feeling much better today. Thankfully, I’m off work today because I’m working Saturday, so I can have another day of doing nothing and hoping I feel better tomorrow when I do have to go back to work.

Weather Changes

Even if I had not seen the forecast and already knew the temperature was going to plunge over the next 24 hours, I’d have known there was drastic weather changes coming. Since I started taking Vitamin B2 and Magnesium Oxide to help with my migraines, I have had fewer headaches, even when we had changes in the weather. However, last night there was so much pressure in my head that f felt like it might burst. I guess when the temperature drops over 50 degrees n less than 24 hours and quick moving snow squalls come through in the middle of the night, my sinuses are going to know it’s coming. When I head out for work in the morning, the temperature is supposed to be -7 degrees (-22 C) with a windchill of -27 degrees (-33 C). By the time I leave work tomorrow, it will have dropped to -16 degrees (27 C) with a windchill of -40 degrees (-40 C [yes the numbers are the same at that temperature]). I had to get out my heavy parka for today. Once I get home tonight, I will not be venturing outside again until Sunday when we will have “warmer” temperatures with a high of 34 degrees. It’s amazing how drastically the temperatures can change in Vermont.

Waking Up

Even with Isabella as a very persistent alarm clock each morning, I have been having a lot of trouble waking up in the morning. I’m not sure why, but I’m not feeling as rested. Once I’m up and have breakfast, I feel a lot better and more alert, but it’s that initial waking up that’s an issue. Then by 10 pm, I am struggling to stay awake. Maybe this weekend I can get back on a more rested sleep schedule.

Needing Rest

I have this morning off because I have to work tonight. Technically, I’m just going in later than normal and working late to cover an event at the museum. I’m sure Isabella will have had me up before 5 am to feed her, but I’m hoping that when this posts, I will be back to sleep. I haven’t been sleeping great the last few nights, and it’s made me very tired at work. Also, I have been waking earlier than usual and not being able to go back to sleep. Yesterday, I woke up at 4 am and tried to go back to sleep, but I basically just lay in bed for another forty-five minutes. Then, after I ate breakfast, I fell asleep on my couch for a few minutes. I thought I’d be late for work, but I ended up just being a few minutes late. Anyway, maybe I’ll get some rest this morning and make up for feeling so tired lately.

Eye Doctor

I have to go to the eye doctor today.  Need a new prescription for my contacts, and I’m supposed to go once a year for a diabetic eye exam. I didn’t go last year because I don’t particularly like the eye clinic that I go to. There is always an issue with their billing department. They tell me one price and then it’s always another when I go to pay. I find it annoying, not least because it’s illegal to do that in Vermont. Anyway, I didn’t go last year because I was looking for a new eye doctor. Not many take the insurance I have through my job, and not many do diabetic exams. Only two other eye clinics in this area do diabetic exams. Anyway, one of those two is no longer taking new patients, and the other requires a referral from my previous eye doctor. Apparently, a referral from my regular doctor won’t suffice. As rude as they were on the phone, I’m pretty sure I didn’t want to go there anyway. So, I’m going to see the doctor I’ve seen before. I like the optometrist that I see, it’s just the office staff that I have an issue with.

Today will be a messy weather day. It snowed all last night and it’s supposed to snow throughout the morning. We are expecting about 3-4 inches. I prefer the snow to the rain, especially the freezing rain we sometimes get, but I always prefer to be in the comfort of my apartment when we get an accumulation of snow. I’ll have to leave early for work this morning because I’ll need to clean the snow off my car and make sure I have plenty of time to drive safely and carefully. I’ll have to leave work a little early for my appointment since if it does continue to snow this morning, I’ll have to clean off my car before I head to my appointment. The joys of winter in New England.

Headache Clinic

I have an appointment this morning at the Headache Clinic. It has snowed all night, but it’s not too bad, so as long as I drive carefully, it shouldn’t be a problem getting down there. The snow has mostly stopped for now and won’t start back up until later this morning. The snow that is still to come is supposed be fairly light. According to the weather report I saw this morning, the roads are pretty clear and that was confirmed by checking out the Vermont Transportation Authority’s road cameras.

I need to go to this appointment or else I would probably reschedule. I need to talk to my neurologist about the issue I’m having with my headaches when there are weather/air pressure changes. Most of the time, the headaches come as the weather is changing before any precipitation, but as soon as the precipitation starts the headache usually eases. Hopefully, she can offer some advice or a solution.

Rough Day

I went to bed really early last night. I’d had a bad migraine all day and had worked long enough to teach my class yesterday and then went home. Luckily, I’m feeling some better today, but I still have a migraine. I think it’s just more manageable today. We’ll see.

Busy Week

I have a busy week filled with classes and meetings.I had several classes yesterday and a VIP tour. Today, I have another class and a few meetings, plus preparation for a class I’ll be teaching next week. I also have some prep work for upcoming programs/events at the museum. Tomorrow will be continuing with the same tasks, but I also have another meeting. 

I am scheduled to be off Friday for an appointment with my neurologist, but I may have to reschedule due to the winter storm we are expecting Thursday night and throughout the day Friday.  Hopefully, if I do have the reschedule, it will be fairly soon, though they might change it to a telehealth appointment since it’s really just a routine checkup about my new medicine that I’ve been taking for the past three months. The new medicine (Qulipta) has been successful except when there are changes in the weather which has been affecting me all week. I’ve woken with a migraine every day this week. Yesterday, it eased up as the day went on. That was not the case on Monday, but that was also aggravated by the dental work I had done. I’m hoping that the headache I currently have will get better throughout the morning.

Then, I have to work on Saturday. At least Saturday workdays are pretty easy. I basically just have to be there to open and close the museum and be there. I usually don’t have much to do on the Saturdays that I work. While I’d rather be home or doing something else, Saturday are not the worst day to work. At least I’ll be there by myself.

The Dentist

I hate going to the dentist. For me, it’s never a pleasant experience. My teeth have always caused me problems. I really like my dentist as a person, but I hate dental procedures. Anyway, I have a dental appointment this morning. I took all day off work. Novocaine always gives me a headache, so I rarely go back to work after a dental procedure. Since this appointment is first thing this morning, I decided to take the whole day. Besides, I have a comp day this week because I have to work Saturday.


I am so glad it’s Friday. I’m not sure I could handle it if there were more days in this week. I had to take a sick day yesterday because I woke with not only a migraine but also with bad muscle spasms in my back. I ended up laying on a heating pad most of the day. Thankfully, by last night, I was feeling better. I hope I wake up this morning still feeling better, because regardless, I have to work today. I’m off Monday and I have things I need to get ready for an 8 am class on Tuesday.

Also, if you pray, I hope you’ll say a prayer for the people in Alabama devastated by yesterday’s tornadoes. Luckily, my family is fine. Whereas the tornadoes were all around them, the tornadoes were west and north of my parents. They lost a huge tree and did not have power when I talked to them, but they had their generator going and were doing fine. 

Even when I’m not there, tornadoes and hurricanes always trigger strong emotions. I’ve experienced too many of them firsthand. It was always a traumatic experience. The noise alone is something that I’ll never forget, whether it’s the roar of a tornado or the howling winds of a hurricane, the noise is deafening.