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Terrible Migraine

I didn't feel like writing much more than the title.

Unproductive Weekend

For most of the weekend, I suffered from a major headache. It meant that a lot of things I’d planned to do, did not get done. I did a little bit of the housecleaning I’d planned to do, but not enough. It was also very hot this weekend which hampers me from doing much besides sit in front of the fans. Most Vermonters don’t believe in air conditioning, and thus my apartment doesn’t have one. I’d planned to go get an air cooling system, similar to an air conditioner but not quite one, however, my headache prevented me from making that trip to Burlington. Hopefully, this week will be more productive.

Still Sick

This is the cold that keeps on giving. Every time I think that I’ve beaten it, it flares up again. I have been coughing and sneezing for the past several days and otherwise just feeling miserable. I hope none of you are experiencing this particular strain of cold.


Codeine makes a great addition to cough syrup, but it also makes it incredibly hard to stay awake.

On the Mend

After a week of coughing and sore throat, I am finally on the mend. The only problem is that as I recuperate from having a cold, I developed pink eye. Pink eye is highly contagious so I may have to stay home another day. It’s all according to how I feel when I wake up this morning. At least the doctor gave me some good cough syrup and medicine for my eyes.

Still Sick

I still feel like crap with this cold. I barely have a voice right now. As I wrote this last night, I was seriously thinking of taking one more day off work just to get a little better recovered. I am feeling better than I was Friday or Saturday so that’s an improvement.

Still Sick 

I’m still sick. It’s become a head cold. I’ve either been in the bed or on the couch with Isabella, even if she’s giving me the evil eye for disturbing her.


I’ve been sick this weekend.


I don’t often eat breakfast even though I know I should. However, if the man above was serving me breakfast I’d eat every morning. Usually, breakfast for me is a cup of coffee. But there are many benefits to eating a proper breakfast.

The literal meaning of the word “breakfast,” is to break the fast between dinner and the meal eaten after a person wakes up the next morning. If you think about the amount of time spanning between dinner and breakfast, the meaning of the word is very fitting. For most people, it can be up to 12 hours since their last meal, and yet like me, they are quick to skip it as they rush out the door. Here are 10 benefits of eating breakfast and why it should be considered the most important meal of the day:

1. Energy Boost to Start the Day
2. Sharper Focus
3. Breakfast Helps Reduce Morning Crankiness
4. Metabolism Boost
5. Prevents Starvation
6. Keeps You From Overeating
7. Allows You to Properly Portion Your Meals
8. Helps Lower the “Bad” Cholesterol
9. Breakfast Can Be Nutritious and Delicious
10. Eat Breakfast to Lose Weight

Lazy Weekend 

Some days are meant just for being lazy. That’s how this weekend was. Saturday, I did have tentative plans but they fell through. Sunday, I was forced to be lazy. I had a major headache, worse than I’ve had in a while. I took the appropriate medication and it went away for a while, but then it came back. I’m hoping that I wake up this morning without a headache, but only time will tell. Minus the headache, sometimes it’s good to be lazy and catch up on some television.

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