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I had planned to be home Monday for work, but I’ve found myself at home today. Yesterday, I had another migraine and a sore throat. I’ve had the sore throat for a few days. Both are on the same side, so I think the sore throat is at least partially affecting the migraine. Anyway, I went home at 10 am yesterday and called my doctor. I had to wait for a callback, but eventually his nurse did call me back. After consulting with her and after she talked to my doctor, they agreed I probably had a small viral infection and it should clear up in a few days. I haven’t had a fever and they don’t believe it’s coronavirus or anything serious at all, but I’m probably contagious, so they ordered me to stay home today.

Another Headache

Yesterday, I had a headache that continued to get worse as the day went on. My head hurt so bad that my pillows felt like rocks. Nothing seemed to help. The Emgality that I take once a month is helping with the overall number of headaches I have a month, but it is not 100 percent. I hope I wake up this morning without a headache.

Wash Your Hands

It’s Friday the Thirteenth, and to be honest, I don’t have much to say. I just want to remind everyone that with the coronavirus spreading rapidly, please wash you hands for at least 20 seconds. As one meme I saw said, “Wash you hands like you just masturbated with silicone lube and you need to get it off your hands.”

University Health

The university where I work has extended spring break until March 22. We are expected to resume regular classes on March 23. While we are writing contingency plans for a move to online classes, we won’t know what will happen until after an administration meeting today. If the virus spreads further in Vermont (we currently only have two confirmed cases so far), they may have faculty and staff work from hone. Colleges and universities all around us are either cancelling the semester or going fully online until further notice.

Feeling Off

I’m not exactly sure why, but I was feeling a bit off yesterday. I’d write more, but I’m just not feeling up to it.

Super Tuesday

As I went to bed last night, MSNBC was predicting that Biden would come out of the night on top of the delegate count. I hope I wake up this morning to find out that this prediction was correct. I could have voted for Pete Buttigieg, he was still on the Vermont ballot, and it was tempting, but I chose to vote for Joe Biden hoping that others would do the same and he would get some of the delegates from Vermont. I didn’t want Bernie Sanders to take them all.

This morning, I have a physical therapy appointment very early. I can’t remember if I mentioned this before, but as I was moving the last of my stuff out of my old apartment, I fell and hurt my back and shoulder. My back has mostly healed, but my shoulder is still giving me problems. Because I am right-handed and this is my right shoulder, by the end of each day, my shoulder is in a great deal of pain when I head to bed. I’m hoping my physical therapist can help me out with this problem. She is really good, and she’s done wonders when she’s worked on me before. We’ll see.

Sunday Was Not a Funday

I’d had a good Saturday. I felt really good and had no major pains, but yesterday was a different story. I had a major migraine all day. None of my headache medications worked. I ended up just going to bed early.


I’m feeling better, somewhat. My back pain has eased considerably. Now there is just a twinge there. However, I’m pretty sure I damaged a nerve in my right shoulder during my fall last week. It is in constant pain, and while I can use it ok, when I’m not using it or I find myself laying on it at night, the arm and hand falls asleep and is hard to “wake up.” I’ve been trying to lay on my left side, (I’m a side sleeper) but I find I turn over on my right side in my sleep. That’s when I wake up with greater pain in my shoulder and numbness in my arm. I’m going to see what my doctor says on Monday about it. My friends say I need to see a chiropractor. I probably do, but I just have to find the right one.

Sick Day

I woke in pain yesterday. My back continued to hurt. So, I took a sick day. I needed to be able to take some medicine and go back to bed. I tried to get an appointment with my doctor, but he’s booked for weeks. The next appointment with someone else is Monday afternoon with my doctor’s father. If my back is still hurting on Monday, I’ll keep the appointment. I’m hoping though that I’m better by then.

A Bit of Pain

Yesterday, I left work around lunch. I was having issues with my back and a headache. I needed to go home, take some medicine, and lay on a heating pad. I felt better for a little while, long enough to make dinner, but soon the pain came back, so I just went to bed.

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