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Drag Shows

Tonight I’m going to a drag show. The last time I went to a drag show, nobody showed up for it. In fact, it was supposed to be an after Pride party, and only a dozen people showed up. The drag show was so bad and one drag queen was so drunk she fell off the stage. Shirley Vine was supposed to perform, but by intermission, everyone had left except my friend and me. So we left too. It was pitiful. Hopefully, this won’t be the same way. Vermont’s most famous drag queens are the House of LeMay. Sadly, they are not expected to be there, but I wish they would be. The LeMay Sisters are a real treat to see. Tonight’s show is supposed to be a holiday spectacular. I love drag shows and am really looking forward to tonight.


Ok, so I’d take him without underwear, too. Today is my birthday. I took today off from work so I can sleep in and do nothing all day long. I just want a nice lazy day. My birthdays are not as happy as they used to be. It’s not because I’m getting older; I don’t mind that. It’s because three years ago on my birthday, I found out that one of my best friends had died in a car crash. I’ll always remember the day I lost him, sadly it happens to also be my birthday. So I won’t be doing anything special on my birthday. Instead, I will be celebrating tomorrow, when I go to the Lorrie Morgan concert.

The Day After

I had a surprisingly good Thanksgiving. I found out my parents were going to my sister’s in-laws, so I am especially glad I wasn’t home. They are not nice people. Then I got to talk to a friend all during the Thanksgiving Day Parade, so it was like she was here with me. For most of the day, I relaxed. At 6, I went down to my neighbor’s apartment for Thanksgiving dinner. It was simple but yummy. Then I came home and watched The Wizard of Oz. It was a pretty good day.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I wanted to tell you a few things that I am thankful for this year. I’m thankful for my good friends Jennifer and Susan. Though they are not here with me (one‘s in TX, the other in NYC), they are with me in my heart. Speaking of being in my heart, I am also thankful for my loving family, who I hope will have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’m also thankful for my job. This time last year it was uncertain if I’d have one. I’m also thankful for the people I work with who I love dearly. I am thankful for my new neighbor who is having me downstairs for Thanksgiving dinner today. I have so much to be thankful for this year. What are you most thankful for?


About three months ago, I was looking for a new place to live because I had a very unfriendly neighbor who made it uncomfortable to live here. Then she moved out. A new lady moved in, and I am now feeling very blessed. She just warms my heart. We are the same age and talk nearly every day. We’ve gone to dinner a few times and she even took care of Isabella while I was gone. I’ll be going to her apartment for Thanksgiving this year. I am very thankful for having her as my neighbor.
Speaking of neighbors, a few months ago, this really hot guy moved in next door. I’d spoken to him a few times in passing, but never got to learn what his name was or what he did for a living. Last night my neighbor and I kind of cornered him as he was loading up his car, and we were unloading groceries from my car. I not only found out his name but where he works. He’s very sweet, and unless my gaydar is completely broken, he’s very gay. And from my observation, I think he might be single. We will see how this plays out.

Up Late

I was up late at the bar with coworkers, not much to say. Yesterday was a bit boring. Hopefully, today will be less boring.


It’s Over

Halloween is over. We had a lot of trick or treaters. So many that we ran out of candy. We had four big bags of candy too, and it was all gone. They started around 5 and lasted until almost 8 or so. It was fun, but I’m glad it’s over. Now we are into November, my birthday month.

Happy Halloween

Halloween is the most fun holiday of the year. I won’t be dressing up this year but, I will be handing out candy. I don’t know how many trick or treaters we will have. The weather is not supposed to be good tonight. Every year that I have lived here, we have had lots of trick or treaters. They wear some of the cutest costumes. I love seeing all the costumes. I’ve never given out candy here though because I live on the second floor, and I didn’t like the lady who lived below me who would sit out on the porch and hand out candy. Now I have a neighbor that I like, and we will hand out candy together this year. It should be a lot of fun. Isabella will sit in the window as decoration for the night. If I am downstairs on the porch, she generally sits up there on the window and watches me. Being a black cat, she’s perfect for Halloween.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready for Halloween? It’s always one of my favorite holidays. My best friend called me from Texas Saturday, saying she wished I was there. Her annual Halloween party was that night. When we lived closer, it was always our Halloween party, but now it’s hers and her husband’s Halloween party. I miss a good Halloween party. If weather permits, my neighbor and I will sit out on the front porch and hand out candy this year. I’ve never participated in Halloween in Vermont, but I live in Halloween central. It seems that my part of town gets the most trick or treaters. It will be fun this year to take part. I’d still love a good party with some witches brew, but alas, I will settle for handing out candy.

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