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In Bulk

A friend of mine asked me to go to Costco to do some shopping. Her membership was new, and she was afraid that the store would be too big and intimidating. So to prevent an anxiety attack, she asked me to go with her. We went up and down every aisle and found a few bargains. They sell almost everything at Costco. Of course, it’s all in bulk. If they sold boyfriends, I suspect you’d have to buy the whole group above. I could handle that, lol.

This Weekend

I did very little this weekend. I binged on the third season of Designated Survivor on Netflix and watched a documentary on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I enjoyed both of them, but otherwise I didn’t do anything. I’d sort of planned to go to a comedy show Saturday night, but it was in Burlington and didn’t start until 9:30. I’d have been very late getting back home. This may go under the TMI category, but I also had some stomach issues and didn’t really feel like going anywhere. It’s back to work today. I had planned to take the afternoon off to meet a friend for lunch, but it turns out she has to work, so we will meet next Monday. I may still take this afternoon off. I’ll see how I feel when lunch comes.

Drag Queen Trivia

Last night was a blast. The trivia was six rounds with ten questions each. I thought we were doomed after the first round which was all about stage names: they’d give us the real name of someone and we had to answer what their stage name was. After that round we came in second. We stayed in second until the fifth round when we pulled ahead on a category about reality shows, we stayed ahead in the sixth round and won the game. The prize ended up being three gift certificates to different places totally around $200.

Pic of the Day

Drag Queen Trivia

Tonight, I’m going with a group of friends to Drag Queen Trivia. I’ve participated in trivia tournaments before, but never one hosted by drag queens. The trivia questions will run the gamut but apparently will focus on pop-culture, queer culture, and campy fun. I think I’ve assembled a strong team. Ones an expert on RuPaul’s Drag Race, I’m pretty good at queer culture as is another friend of mine on the team, then we have some ladies who are both all around smart and good with pop-culture. We haven’t fully decided on a team name yet, but we’ll come up with something. Proceeds for the night go to Outright Vermont, specifically their summer camps for LGBTQ youths. Wish us luck.

I Tried

I tried to think of something to write today, but I kept falling asleep. I honestly don’t know what I’d have written otherwise.

Caption This

Rough Trade

As I said Friday, I went to the Burly Bears: Rough Trade get together. I arrived at Red Square and paid my cover charge, got a drink, and looked for the Burly Bears. I saw no one that fit the bill. I sat outside and listened to the band that was playing. Nothing seemed to scream Burly Bears. Then I spotted a group of guys come out and smoke that looked the part, but then they disappeared. I knew there was supposed to be a DJ and there wasn’t one in sight. I ended up texting a friend of mine that is familiar with all things Burlington and asked her if I was missing something. Was there a secret room somewhere? She said there was a small room kind of hidden in the back for parties. She was right, you could smell the men before you got there. I have to admit it’s an intoxicating smell: sweat, testosterone, and manliness. I remember it from the first time I entered a gay bar in New Orleans. I’d finally found it, but what exactly had I found? 
The room was full of old men and young men, but nothing in between. Some were dressed in rough trade outfits, others were not. I did wear my black t-shirt, jeans, and boots, so I wasn’t totally out of place. (No picture, I completely forgot t get someone to take a pic of me.) However, I felt out of place. I knew no one there, and I’m a fairly shy person. One guy introduced himself, and I said my name back, then he walked off. I thought I might talk to other people, but everyone seeemd to know one another, and I might as well have been invisible. I’m just not that good at these things. I stuck around and people watched for a while, but eventually I was just bored. I finished my drink and after about an hour and half decided to head home.
I had fun watching the go-go dancer and some of the people watching. Next month will be “a trip to Rio: Carnival.” That might be fun. We’ll see if I go back. I’m thinking I’ll give it at least another try. The problem with Burlington, and Vermont in general, it’s a small place and everyone knows everyone, and it can be quite difficult for a newcomer. I do a little better with the drag queen events because I can take a female friend with me (I have no male friends up here). Also, I know some of the drag queens. The drag queens are friendly; the gay men, not so much. I’m not going to give up though.

Burly Bears

“Giving Trade, bitche$” Thats the headline for the party tonight. The Burly Bears is a group that puts on a monthly gay men’s party in Burlington at Red Square, a bar on Church Street. I’ve never been to one of their parties and this will be a first for me. Each month has a new theme. This month’s theme: Rough Trade. It’s 21 and over and $5 at the door. Proceeds going to People with AIDS Center Vermont!
Originally a coded term referring to a sexual partner, or alternatively, an economic exchange involving sex, today gays say Trade to evoke a hot guy who looks ready to “do business.” Rough Trade suggests a guy who is dangerous and masculine and maybe Gay for Pay.
Tonight the Burly Bears want everyone “bringing the Trade, honey!” They say to “Get that street corner attire ready and sprinkle it with some sweat and desperation and a hint of glitter, haha.” They’ll have the incomparable DJ Stephen Wallace (Montreal) spinning his characteristic sexy set!!
I can’t wait. I have my outfit ready.

Whatever Floats Your Boat

Saturday night, a coworker and I went on a nighttime cruise on Lake Champlain. It was called Whatever Floats Your Boat 3.  The night was a LGBTQ+ dance party on the Spirit of Ethan Allen, the ship that sails on Lake Champlain. Nothing says summer more than dancing under the stars. All three decks of the boat were filled with hundreds of LGBTQ+ folks mixing, mingling, and dancing the night away. Captains Nikki Champagne and Emoji Nightmare were our fabulous hosts for the evening. A dance party with DJ Crystal Jonez and variety show featuring drag, music, burlesque, comedy, and poetry was our entertainment. We mainly watched the variety show. As with all variety shows I’ve ever been to, there was some hits and misses, but overall it was a fun night.

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