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I’ve been a bit off this weekend. Things just weren’t going well and so forth. It was just a bad weekend. Then I forgot to post this morning. So here we go.

Waking Up

For years, I’ve had the hardest time waking up in the morning. It was pure torture. However, for the past several weeks, I’ve woken at 6 am or thereabouts and am wide awake. I can’t wait to get out of bed. I have no idea what has changed. I go to bed about 10 pm every night. I get up one or two times to go to the bathroom and then around 6 am I’m raring to go for the day. I never thought I’d be this much of s morning person.

Bath or Shower?

I tend to prefer a shower, though there is something about a long luxurious bath. To me, a bath is an event, a ritual. It’s something that is soothing and relaxing. A shower can be relaxing as well. When I have a headache or back pain, I love to have the waters beat down on me and soothe those aching muscles. Which do you prefer: a shower or a bath?

Wednesday’s Woes

Yesterday, I found out that my favorite great aunt had died. I know I shouldn’t have a favorite, but not all great aunts are created equal. Also, I probably spent more time with this aunt than any of the others. When my grandmama got too sick to do house cleaning and laundry and that sort of thing, this aunt (my grandmama’s youngest sister) came and did those things for her. It’s sad because she was so healthy until she became unsteady on her feet. She had a series of falls, that while she didn’t break anything, left her black and blue. That’s when she was basically in her chair most of the day and began crocheting like crazy. I think she made everyone in the family a beautiful blanket. If you’d supply the yarn, she’d crochet it. Mine is a beautiful yellow and black. My grad school colors are black and gold, though the gold is more yellow than gold. I didn’t want my undergraduate university’s colors because they are an ugly orange and brown. I’d also bought s luxurious wool or cotton yarn. I can’t remember, but I do know it was a natural fiber. She had loved working with it. Most people gave her cheap yarn. I wanted a luxurious blanket so I got the good stuff. Isabella and I still love to cuddle under that blanket. After a few years of crocheting, her health declined more and probably because of athritis or seomething she couldn’t crochet anymore and began doing puzzle books, word searches mostly. My grandmama had done the same thing. But my aunt’s health continued to decline and she couldn’t be at home by herself anymore. Her daughters tried to stay with her at all times but one lived north of Montgomery and one lived in Mobile, and it was taking its toll on them. My aunt decided it would be best if she entered the nursing home, where her health seemed to rapidly decline until she passed away yesterday. She was greatly loved and will be missed.

Family deaths like this always hit me especially hard. It’s a time when I want to be with family, share in the memories of the person, and attend the funeral. However, I’m eleven hundred miles away and just can’t get home or the time off for a funeral that’s not immediate family. Sometimes, I just want to be home.

Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day, let us not forget the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.


Tonight I am going to the Pride Center of Vermont’s 21st Annual Community Celebration. It’s not really a gala, but it’s as close as it comes in Vermont. It’s supposed to be a joyous celebration of the LGBTQA community as the Pride Center honors the media, journalists, and newsmakers that have helped tell Vermont’s LGBTQA story for decades. It will be hosted by my friend Emoji Nightmare and her often drag companion, Nikki Champagne. The evening will include inspired food stations with tantalizing culinary delights by Vermont’s best chefs, an amazing live and silent auction chock full of items from generous local businesses, and a sunset patio dance party. There is one thing I want to bid on, but there is no way I could bid enough to win it. It’s the Queen for a Day! package. It would be loads of fun to win. I love the House of LeMay. They are all so sweet.

Fell Asleep

I fell asleep as I began to write this. I completely lost the train of thought in the process. I will hopefully do better tomorrow.


Yesterday was a long day but a good day. My dad and I took out the boat and road up the river past Holy Ground. It was such a beautiful day. Daddy and I didn’t even argue about anything; we just had a good time hanging out together. My mother didn’t go because she is about to have knee surgery next week and it’s hard for she to get in and out of the boat. I spent time with Mama too. She’d made some cookies but because of the arthritis in her hands, she was having a hard time rolling out the dough, so I did that for her and cut the cookies. Mama is only 68 but she spent 35 years as a nurse. Twenty-five of those as a public health nurse where she spent large parts of her day on her feet and giving immunizations. All those years standing on hard floors has taken its toll, so has the years of giving shots. Anyway, I’m off the subject.

Late yesterday afternoon, I drove down to visit my aunt. She lives about an hour away. My aunt, a cousin of ours, and I went to dinner, and we had a good dinner at Cracker Barrel. Quinnishelia, our waitress, was shocked when I told her to keep the sweet tea coming because I lived up north where they didn’t have sweet tea. She couldn’t imagine a place without sweet tea. We ran a few errands that my aunt needed to do, and then we came back to her house. We went across the road to visit my old neighbor. Her 104 year old mother died a few months ago and we’ve all taken it hard, but not as much as she has. She loved her mother dearly. The neighbor would have been terribly upset if I had not gone to visit. It was nearly 10 pm when we finally got back and settled at my aunt’s house. I got to see my two cats, Lucy and Edith, who live with my aunt. I couldn’t take them with me initially to Vermont, so she kept them and then when I could have a cat, my aunt wouldn’t let them go. So, here they stay. We watched the weather report, which shows bad weather for tomorrow night, and then we went to bed. I’ll go back up to my parents’ house this morning.


The last few days I have been so drowsy. It’s been hard to wake up and easy to fall asleep. I feel like I’ve gotten a good night’s sleep, and I even went to bed early last night. I don’t know what it is, but it’s a miserable feeling.


I went to write my post for today and promptly fell asleep with my iPad in my hand. I’ll just hold what I was going to talk about until tomorrow.

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