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I lost a dear friend this weekend. She was more than just a friend, she was a lawyer, boss, and mentor. It was the years under her tutelage that I realized that I did not want to practice law and wanted to be a historian. She was a great lawyer and an honest one. That honesty, never made her a millionaire but she taught me to be honest in all that I do. I will greatly miss her.


I got home late last night and wasn’t able to do a proper blog post.

Measuring Up

I ran into a former professor of mine yesterday. I never had a class with him but, he was the graduate director of my program. In my opinion, he brought in a lot of students in his field that were not the caliber of graduate students my program was used to. I wonder how I measure up to those guys. Do they have successful job where they are happy?

Was Reading

I was reading last night and time got away from me. I forgot to write a blog post for today.


I have today off because I am working tomorrow. I plan to stay in and read today. We are supposed to be getting 6-12 inches of snow today and tomorrow. The snow will make it a bitch going to work tomorrow morning, but hopefully it won’t be that bad.

LGBT Workshop

I went to an LGBT Workshop last night. It was quite interesting. We mostly discussed correct terminology, which was interesting, and how best to deal with transgender people. It was mostly about what pronouns to use  and how to treat transgender people by their gender identity. It was interesting but I don’t think I learned anything earth shattering.

Lazy Weekend 

I did nothing all weekend. Nothing important anyway. I watched some Food Network, took some naps, and was just all around lazy. I did leave the house a few times for pizza, groceries, and a Subway sandwich. I was lazy for a couple of reasons. First, I really didn’t have anything I needed to do all weekend. Second, I had a headache most of the weekend. And last, I’m still trying to get over the remnants of my cold.

Off Work Today 

I’m taking a day off from the blog.

Mister Sister 

After 11 years without a gay bar, Vermont has a new one opening tonight. Unless I have a relapse of some kind from my cold, I plan to be there. Mister Sister is the name of the new bar, it replaces a bar called Oak 45, which closed to be redone as Mister Sister. Instead of Burlington where you’d expect the bar to be, it is opening in Winooski. I’ve never been to Winooski, so this will be a first for me.

The new bar has gotten a lot of flack because of its name. Trans people in Vermont say that it is a slur on trans women. The bar owner says that it was meant to be inclusive of the whole LGBTQ Community. I do not think any offense was meant by the owner. If you google Mister Sister, you of course get the song, but it will also show a closed Miami bar by the same name. In my opinion, some people take political correctness a little too far. It’s been 11 years since Vermont had a gay bar. Who cares what they named it. Let’s go have some fun.

Monday, Monday 

I have this morning off to go and get my car inspected. I dread sitting and waiting on my car, but what other choice do I have. I’ve always hated going to the mechanic. Now if my mechanic looked like the one above, I might not hate it so much, but alas, he doesn’t. In fact the mechanic that I go to is owned by a woman. They seem the most fair mechanics I’ve ever dealt with.


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