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I’m a bit embarrassed by my rant yesterday. The stress of the week was getting to me. This exhibit has been a monster. It’s the most objects we’ve ever exhibited, and it’s the biggest exhibit we’ve ever had. And yes, I’m tired of feeling sick but I’m much better than I was a month ago. The physical therapy and exercises she gave me have also helped. I’m also embarrassed at how tired I’ve felt the last few weeks. Yesterday, I fell asleep at my desk for at least 30 minutes. I know because an email I had not seen before I dozed had been sitting there for 33 minutes. My boss either never noticed or was too kind to say anything. I was totally embarrassed nonetheless. Yes, it’s been a rough week.
Oh, and Happy Valentines Day! I hope it’s a lovely one for you.


The title says it all.

Ugh to everything. The snow, the tiredness of getting this exhibit ready, the continuing effects of recovery from bronchitis and pneumonia, how sleepy I was when trying to write this post, etc. I had a post in mind and I just couldn’t stay awake to write it. Maybe next Wednesday.

Hide in the Pillow

Sometimes you just want to hide in the pillows. Yesterday was one of those day.other than teaching a class that went exceptionally well, I was fighting staying awake the whole day. I didn’t always succeed, but I got throug the day. Then I took my neighbor out for her birthday. She had had a rough day, so I’m glad I cheer her up.

Winter Is a Drag

Each February, Vermont has a huge LGBTQ party called Winter Is a Drag Ball. Each year, there is a theme which people dress up to. This years theme is Broadway Bound, a mix of Broadway and BDSM. I have basically two outfits that I’m trying to decide from. The first is black and sequined. The second adds a little bit of color: pink and gold. I have a feeling that the pink and gold will not quite fit, so I think I will probably end up with the all black. The shoes are another subject. There are two pairs coming and I’ll have to decide which pair I like best. Particularly, which ones I can walk in. I’ll keep you updated.

Date Night

I had a date last night. Sorry, there was nothing salacious. I got in late, so check back and I’ll find time to write more about last night.


I did have a good time. It was my first date with someone who performs as a drag queen. He was not dressed as a drag queen last night. I had seen him perform back in December, and when I saw him on Grindr, I sent him a message. I don’t usually do Grindr, but I will log in once every four or five months to see if anything has changed and it basically hadn’t. It was the same old people except for this guy. Come to find out, he was staying just up the road from me for the weekend. We chatted Saturday night, but he couldn’t get together then because he was going to a drag show that night. Lady Bunny was performing in Stowe. I hate that I missed it, but apparently, it was sold out. He had planned to be home by 10 but did not get home until around 4 am.

When he woke up Sunday morning, he texted me. We talked and made tentative plans to meet either that afternoon or that evening for dinner. It turned out to be dinner. I let him choose. The first place turned out to be closed, so I suggested a place that looked like it was open, only to find out that it was closed for a private party. So he made another suggestion, that place was closing as we walked in. So I made a suggestion, and of course, it was closed too. Finally, he googled to see what was open and we found a nice little restaurant that I had been to before to have dinner. Fifth times a charm.

We had a great dinner conversation and even stayed quite a bit after the meal talking. We talked about all kinds of stuff, including the upcoming Drag Ball. He asked me if I had decided what I was going to wear. Apparently, people get quite flamboyant in their costumes. The theme is a sort of mix between Broadway and BDSM. Any suggestions?

We hugged at the end and he said we should get together next time he’s in the area. Needless to say, a romantic relationship, this will not be. However, it may turn into a good friendship. He’s involved with a lot of LGBTQ stuff, so I should see him around. What happens next, I do not know.


About a month ago, I had to have a chest x-ray and they made me take out my nipple piercing. I was unable to get it back in, mainly because I was so sick. I never did get it put back in and now it’s grown back together. I am off today, mainly because I have a doctor’s appointment this morning and I wanted another day to recover from last weekend. Besides, I want to get my nipple re-pierced and a three-day weekend is a good time to do it. So this afternoon I plan to get my nipple pierced. Then I plan to go and get some CBD oil that might help my headaches. If all goes well tomorrow, it should be a good day. I have a long list of things to discuss with my doctor but I’m hoping it will all lead to a good outcome.

Another Day

For about the last week I have either talked about being sick or talked about work. I’ve really kind of run out of things to say today. I’ll just leave it at that. 

Out with the Old

Tomorrow starts a new year filled with hope and great expectations. The past year has been one of ups and downs. Throughout most of the year, I was searching for a job. Every time one looked promising, it didn’t work out. There was a great deal of hope and disappointment. Finally, as the tenure of my old job was coming to an end, my new boss created a new job for me. It came with a significant raise in pay and benefits. It also means that I will travel the country next year with our museum’s traveling exhibition: Naples, Florida, Boston, New York City, Washington, DC, and San Francisco. I hope in all of this travel, I will also get to fit in some more time in Montreal. I do love visiting Montreal. Also, with the help of a lesbian friend of mine, I am getting more involved with the gay community, such as it is, in Vermont. I’m hoping things there will progress. Maybe I will even meet a nice man. So as I look ahead I see great things. I know there will be ups and downs. There always are, but my hope for the coming year is that there are more ups than down. I hope the same thing for each of you.

My New Year’s Eve will probably be a quiet one. My preacher yesterday talked about taking inventory of our lives and getting our priorities in the correct order in the new year. Maybe I will reflect on the inventory of my life. 

What are you doing New Year’s Eve? 

What are your hopes for the coming year?

Drag Shows

Tonight I’m going to a drag show. The last time I went to a drag show, nobody showed up for it. In fact, it was supposed to be an after Pride party, and only a dozen people showed up. The drag show was so bad and one drag queen was so drunk she fell off the stage. Shirley Vine was supposed to perform, but by intermission, everyone had left except my friend and me. So we left too. It was pitiful. Hopefully, this won’t be the same way. Vermont’s most famous drag queens are the House of LeMay. Sadly, they are not expected to be there, but I wish they would be. The LeMay Sisters are a real treat to see. Tonight’s show is supposed to be a holiday spectacular. I love drag shows and am really looking forward to tonight.


Ok, so I’d take him without underwear, too. Today is my birthday. I took today off from work so I can sleep in and do nothing all day long. I just want a nice lazy day. My birthdays are not as happy as they used to be. It’s not because I’m getting older; I don’t mind that. It’s because three years ago on my birthday, I found out that one of my best friends had died in a car crash. I’ll always remember the day I lost him, sadly it happens to also be my birthday. So I won’t be doing anything special on my birthday. Instead, I will be celebrating tomorrow, when I go to the Lorrie Morgan concert.

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