Is There Any Sport More Homoerotic Than Rugby?

My roommate in college used to play rugby.  It is a rough and tumble sport with men in short shorts and “rugby” shirts.  After the games, the guys would generally get drunk and/or high, which eventually led to them getting naked at various points.  Every time my roommate told me about the traditions that were associated with rugby, they tended to included nudity.  I hope I get the terminology right here, if not, let me know.  I am doing this by memory.  There seemed to be a lot of hazing of new team members.  First of all, when a player scored his first try, he would strip naked, right there and then and run around the field.  Another tradition was the elephant walk, to show team unity.  As I understood it, all the guys would be naked and reach through the guy in front’s leg to grab their dick and then walk around the room.  Do any of you have any stories of sports hazing?

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So to go along with this post, I thought I would give a little history of rugby for those who might not be as familiar with the sport.  William Webb Ellis is credited with inventing rugby in 1823 by picking up the ball while playing football at Rugby School and running with it. The claim is disputed but there is little doubt that rugby developed at public schools out of a large-scale, few-rules, mauling scrum game. Definition of the code began in 1863 when the Football Association was formed and outlawed handling and hacking. Richmond, Blackheath, and some London clubs stayed with the handling code and in 1871 the Rugby Football Union was formed. As in soccer, the balance moved in favor of northern clubs and there were accusations of professionalism. In 1895 St Helens, Wigan, and a number of northern clubs formed a breakaway union, which became the Rugby Football League in 1922. The number of players was reduced from fifteen to thirteen and scrums restricted to produce a fast handling game.

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The two codes, amateur and professional, treated each other with disdain for many years. But the advent of television after the Second World War led to a gradual thaw. Rugby union introduced a league system, with promotion and relegation, expenses became ever more substantial, and the ban on players returning after playing rugby league was lifted in 1995. Full professionalism followed, together with substantial restructuring of competitions.

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12 responses to “Is There Any Sport More Homoerotic Than Rugby?

  • crotchdiver

    Yeah, you just go ahead and tell me that wrestling and rugby aren't homoerotic – go ahead.I tell you what? Anytime that I can stand behind another man [clothed or nekkid] and press my crotch firmly into his butt cheeks?!? Git-R-Done!!! Woof!!BTW, I don't do a towel dance in the lookeroom either. I'll shake my junk at whoever wants to look. It may not be much – but I'm mighty damn proud of it. LOL

  • grinnl

    As a gay rugby player, I confirm all the article 😉

  • grinnl

    Here's some extra verification

  • Jos

    Where did you get those great photos from. They are really sexy

  • JoeBlow

    @Crotchdiver–wresting and rugby are totally homoerotic.@grinnl–I'm glad to know that I wasn't totally off base and also happy to know that a gay rugby player it reading my blog-totally hot.BTW, the video is really hot, thanks. I had seen it once before but I don't think it had the censor boxes. I tried to find the uncensored version for you guys, but I finally gave up. However, I do know that it was posted on this blog:–Some of these pictures came from the blog The rest I am not sure where they came from, I've had them on my computer for a while. I do know that they are from an annual naked rugby day, which I think takes place in New Zealand.

  • djc314

    I went to college in the 80's and my sport was not big enough for the school to support so we were a club sport and that made our team much more bonded. when we had a new guy join the team his first month help everyone shave as we all wanted to be smooth to make our times fast…sometimes the newby shaved us a group or if someone was not around for the group shave then he had the newby shave him by himself…all shaving was done in the lockerroom and since we were a club sport we had a student coach so we did not have to worry about a school employee catching us…

  • JoeBlow

    DJC, wow, that sounds hot. I take it you were a swimmer in college, even hotter. I had planned on ending my series about sports for now, but you reminded me that I have some great vintage YMCA swimming pics that I will have to do a post about.

  • Dean Grey

    I didn't know rugby was played in the nude!-Dean

  • JoeBlow

    HA, Dean. Rugby players have a propensity for nudity, but apparently this is a celebration of National Nude Day in New Zealand. Here is a quote from the British newspaper, The Guardian (14 June 2009):In England, rugby players throwing off their clothes at the first opportunity is no new thing but at least they usually wait till they get off the pitch (and are in the bar), before getting started.In Dunedin, New Zealand, however, every year two teams of sevens go to battle fully starkers.The nude rugby international, which started as a celebration of New Zealand's national nude day, was held yesterday as a warm-up – although temperatures were reportedly cold enough to prove embarrassing – to the forthcoming match between the All Blacks and France.

  • JoeBlow

    BTW, guys, I finally found the full uncensored video of the rugby players stripping and singing. It is not the best quality video, but it is still fun to watch:

  • crotchdiver

    GUYS?!?! This is giving me a puffy!

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