We are blessed with two very nice and very hot UPS delivery guys in my town. At first, I thought we only had one, but I was talking to my neighbor on Wednesday, and we realized, though they look very similar, there are indeed two of them. One actually makes his route from behind the house going toward Main Street and doesn’t wear a hat, while the other one come up from Main Street and wears a baseball cap. My neighbor and I both have a thing for our sweet UPS guys. Plus, they always bring our packages directly to our door and if it’s raining, makes sure they won’t get wet. Both are also very friendly when we happen to be outside when they deliver.

I am not as enamored with our FedEx delivery guy. In fact, every time I get a notice that a package is being delivered by FedEx, I audibly groan. There are four apartments in the house that I live in, two in the north side of the house, and then mine and my downstairs neighbor on the south side of the house. The two apartments on the north side have both front doors and back doors, whereas my downstairs neighbor only has a door facing the back of the house, and my door is on the side of the house up a flight of stairs. On the path to the front doors is a cute little sign made by our landlord that says “Please make deliveries to the back.” I also set up a FedEx account so that I could put delivery instructions on every package delivered to me telling the driver where on the property to deliver the package. Each apartment is clearly numbered at our entrances on the back and side of the house. Our UPS deliveries are always left at the correct door.

When FedEx delivers, we never know where he is going to leave our packages, if he leaves them at all. I had a package that was supposed to be delivered yesterday, and the tracking said it was on the truck to be delivered. However, there was an exemption, with no explanation, saying it would be delivered today. My faith in today’s delivery is not strong. I’ve had packages sit for days at the FedEx facility near Burlington. I would be more understanding if there was inclement weather, or I could understand if there was a one-time mechanical issue with the truck. But, unlike UPS, FedEx never explains why there is a delay. It has also happened numerous times. Some days, they just never deliver, and yesterday’s exception was logged at 11:30 am. If UPS logs an exception in their tracking it is never registered until after 9:30 pm.

Even once it is delivered, we never know where it will be delivered. Sometimes, the FedEx driver literally steps over the sign saying to make deliveries to the back. Other times, it has been chucked over the side fence. We actually watched the driver do this one day. I’ve also had packages left sitting out in the rain. If the package actually makes it near my apartment, the driver throws it up on the landing at the top of the steps. How do I know this? When there is snow, and I keep my landing and stairs mostly clear of snow, I have seen the skid marks the package makes when it is thrown up the stairs. Back when I was having my monthly migraine injections overnighted to me in a cooler from Dartmouth’s pharmacy, I always had to hunt down my medicine. After the second or third time, I called FedEx to complain. I was told to put the delivery instructions on my account, which I did. The driver rarely follows the delivery instructions. 

I have called several times to complain, but all I am ever told is that they will log the complaint. By the way, FedEx makes it nearly impossible to find a contact number to call them. The times that I have tried to email them, I have never received a response. If any of my readers work for FedEx, I am sorry. I am sure it is not like this everywhere, but in Vermont having FedEx deliver a package is a nightmare in customer service. Thankfully, Amazon, which I order most of what I need from, mostly uses UPS or USPS. Like with UPS, the USPS has two mail carriers, one older lady (who wears shorts even in the coldest of our Vermont winters) and a younger guy who started doing deliveries occasionally a few months ago. The young guy is also a cutie and can be relied on to leave packages at our doors and to make sure they do not get rained or snowed on. The female mail carrier all too often takes my packages back to the post office to be delivered through my post office box, especially if it is a larger or heavy package. She just won’t deliver it to my regular mailbox.

UPS is really our only reliable delivery service. The post office is reliable a little over half the time. FedEx is never reliable. We never know what to expect from FedEx except that our packages will most likely be delivered to the wrong apartment.

Speaking of FedEx, I just saw this tweet:

You should read the responses. I responded by saying:

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6 responses to “Deliveries!

  • bryandspellman

    I can appreciate your situation. We live six miles out of town, and our driveway is 1/2 mile long. As our town is very small (less than 1,000 residents), we often order things through Amazon and other on-line vendors. Fortunately, UPS and FedEx are both excellent–when they deliver to the house. All too often, however, they deliver to the Post Office and then we may or may not get the package. I always list both our P.O. Box and our physical address when I’m ordering something, but sometimes UPS or FedEx won’t accept the P.O. Box. If a package shows up at the Post Office, without the P.O. Box in the address, the postmistress is likely to send it back, undeliverable, even though we’ve been here almost 9 years and have had the same box the entire time. The real nightmare comes when an order is shipped DHL. DHL has no real presence in Montana, and a DHL shipment is given to the Post Office in Billings-Montana’s largest city which is over 400 miles away from us. When something is shipped DHL, we never know when/if we will receive it, and unfortunately, those companies who use DHL tend to prefer it to the competition.

    Oh well, such is life in a rural community. Hang in there. At least we don’t have delivery men throwing our packages around-not that we’ve noticed in any event.

    And as for the UPS delivery men, I swear the head of personnel at the Missoula UPS office is a gay man or else a woman who enjoys male eye candy. All the Missoula UPS guys are smoking hot. Not so much for the ones who come out into the sticks.


    • Joe

      I’ve always had problems with my female mail carrier. She knows me and knows where I live (we even talked in person when I moved to my new apartment) but when I only used my PO Box, if certain letters were sent to my physical address, such as my drover’s license, she just refused to put it in my box and occasionally did send it back without having it put in my PO box. Luckily, everyone in the post office knows me by name, greets me by name, and looks out for my mail. They know how this woman is about my mail because I’ve complained. The other mail people usually help me out. I have no idea what this woman has against me or if she’s like this to everyone.

      As for DHL, we have similar problems in Vermont.

  • Jp

    Our UPS guy is great but FedEx is terrible. They leave our packages at the end of our very long driveways. During the holidays I could have made a fortune picking up and reselling all the deliveries left in our neighborhood. I have called FedEx over and over and they got no better. Now whenever I order anything if they use FedEx I won’t buy it. I have started reaching out to those companies, I.e. Chewy, and cancelled our automatic deliveries and told then we would no longer use them until they changed carriers. Don’t know if it will help but it’s a start.

    • Joe

      I had a long back and forth conversation with FedEx yesterday about my issues. They said they’d do something, but they also promised that my package would be delivered yesterday. It was postponed again until Monday. I have called also. Each time I contact FedEx, they promise they will take care of the issue, but the problem only seems to get worse. I’ve considered reaching g out to companies who use FedEx and cancelling orders and telling them why, but I haven’t done it yet.

  • AH

    FedEx left a package 3 blocks south and 1 block west from my home and claimed that GPS verified they had delivered it to my house. An utter lie. Our mail lady told me she saw it locked inside a condo development. I had to wait outside and flag down a tenant who gave it to me after verifying my name. The package was soaked after having been in the weather for days. I also witnessed a FedEx driver throw other packages over my gate into a puddle. He could have handed them through the gate with less trouble. When I asked him not to do that, he said, “You got your packages didn’t you?” I replied, “Yes, damaged and soaked, a*hole.” His response, “Do you talk to your mother with that mouth?” My retort, “I’ll be talking to your supervisor with it,” He high-tailed it out of my neighborhood and never threw another package over my gate but went out of his way to delay my deliveries.

    • Joe

      I’ve seen our FedEx delivery guy throw packages over our fence, leave packages in the rain and snow, chuck packages up my stairs, etc. I have complained numerous times to FedEx, and nothing has changed. In fact, it has probably gotten worse. Supposedly, the package that has been delayed two days already is out for delivery today, but I have no faith it will be delivered. I have other packages that have been sitting in a FedEx facility in Massachusetts for two days. FedEx keeps telling me they are having issues with their system being overwhelmed by a high volume of packages. Good lord, this is FedEx, it’s a huge company. If they are this overwhelmed when Amazon no longer uses them, then they need a new business model. UPS has been overwhelmed throughout the pandemic, but they have not delayed packages and their drivers have delivered as late as 10 pm to get packages where they are supposed to go. FedEx is so disappointing in their customer service.

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