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I learned a long time ago that my blog readers have a variety of experiences and there is always one (sometimes more) of you who will let me know your opinion. I love that about all of you. So, I want to ask a question and see what y’all have to say. I am looking for a new mattress. My current mattress, which I’ve had since I moved to Vermont, is uncomfortable. While I’m moving, I think it would be a good time to get a new one. Each morning when I wake up, my neck, shoulders, back, and hips hurt. It takes a while to work out all of the kinks and stiffness. (Just and FYI: I always sleep on my side.) With my CPAP, I sleep well, but I hate waking up in pain every day.

Here are my questions: 

  • What type of mattress would you suggest? I am considering buying a DreamCloud Premier mattress. 
  • Do any of you have any experience with a DreamCloud mattress? 
  • For pain and stiffness like I am describing, what type of mattress should I get? Something firm or plush or somewhere in between?
  • Is there another mattress you would suggest?

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3 responses to “Mattress Help

  • Greg

    You may want to consider a Sleep Number bed. The mattress “hardness” can be adjusted to your preference. Also, the head and the foot of the bed can be raised. The company offers attractive financing.

  • Wes

    Joe, I think I would add that you absolutely must go to a store that sells mattresses and lie on several of those that you are considering. It’s the only way that you will really know. It’s an important decision and usually a store that sells beds and mattresses will allow you to return a mattress within a period of time, they want you to be satisfied. Sooooo, don’t just order a mattress off the internet without laying/testing the real thing out in a store. Wes

  • Michael A. Cibulka

    The only thing I would suggest is, to get a mattress that can be flipped over and turned. I bought one that you only sleep on one side. It can only be turned from end to end, not flipped. The pillow top is only on one side. If you sleep in the middle as I do, it would be nice to be able to completely flip the whole thing over.

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