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What Is It?


I have two question for you guys. What is it about a man that always turns you on? Makes you weak in he knees? This is not necessarily a question about sex, but about that one thing that never fails for you to think or say aloud, “Ugh, damn!”

For me, that one thing is when a man smells good. Smells have always evoked a strong emotional response with me. I love the smell of a man when he is freshly showered, or when he has on the perfect cologne. I’m not speaking of a funky smell or anything, but sometimes it is just the smell of man that can drive me crazy.

I asked a friend of mine what was his major turn on, and he said that it was the feel of a man’s body. I have to agree with him on this. Just think about when I guy walks up behind you and his hard chest meets your back. I know that my knees turn to jelly when a guy does this.

Also, what is the first thing about a guy that you notice? If I’m facing a guy, my eyes generally go to his eyes, but if his back is to me, I’m going to check out his butt first. My friend mentioned that one of the first thing he notices about a guy is if he has sexy kissable lips. He really enjoys kissing, so his eyes always goes to a guys lips.

So I want to know from you guys (and gals, for those who read this): What is the one thing about a man that never fails to turn you on? Also, what is the first thing you notice about a guy?