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Country music has been the buzz on many gay sites and blogs because of the hot little number by Steve Grand, which I posted about on Friday.  As I mentioned on Friday, I went to an Alabama concert on Friday night.  Alabama has been around for forty years, and my aunt, who I went with has been seeing them in concert, every time they come around, for thirty of those years.  To say she’s a fan might be an understatement.  I have one more concert to go to with my aunt on Thursday, more on that in a moment.  My aunt s a huge country music fan, and I have, since I was a kid, went along to concerts with her so she didn’t go alone.  My aunt is a wonderful woman, who always took my sister and I on different vacations each summer.  She is keeping pretty busy this month, and it often means me going along.  There is a reason for this.  You see tomorrow will be a year since her mother and my Grandmama died.  Her father and my Granddaddy died at the end of July twelve years ago.  For these reasons, July is a difficult month for my family, and especially for my aunt, who took care of my grandparents in their waning years.  When I started writing this post, I had not meant for it to be such a downer, so I am going to make a radical shift back to the topic of country music.

The Alabama concert was a wonderful and surprising event.  I was surprised by the number of young people at the concert.  Alabama hasn’t toured in years, and it has been quite a while since they put out an album, but the teenagers and twenty-somethings seem to love them.  Three cute teenage boys were sitting behind us.  One of them knew the words and sang along to every song that Alabama sang.  I was impressed.  (If I were one to have a foot fetish, his bare feet propped next to me for a good part of the night probably would have caused a spontaneous orgasm, lol.)  One other surprise that I noticed in the crowd was a hot guy in cut-off jean shorts (Daisy Duke short), button down shirt with the sleeves ripped off, boots and a cowboy hat.  He was smokin’ hot in a slutty gay boy kind of way.  Whether he was gay, lost a bet, or just has a quirky sense of fashion, this hot little number was quite the looker.  I’d loved to have snuck off with him and had my way with him, but alas, I only got to admire him from afar.

The opening act was another surprise.  Aaron Parker, who incidentally I had never heard of, was the hot little cowboy who opened up for Alabama.   His picture is above.  Be forewarned, my description of him might be a little raunchy.  First of all, Mr. Parker is packing some major meat.  His bulge was big enough to be noticeable from where I was sitting on the second level, maybe two hundred yards away. He also had a tight little butt that was drool worthy.  It was definitely fun to watch him continuously bump and grind one of his band mates, see picture above.  His music was okay, and with Alabama’s help, he might have a good career ahead of him.  Being the opening act for a band like Alabama has to be difficult considering how great of a band they are and that people were there to see them and not him, but he was fun to watch.  Most likely, he was chosen because of his song, “Anything Alabama.”

Alabama came on afterward and were fantastic.  They sang “Love in the First Degree,” “The Closer You Get,” “High Cotton,” “Feels So Right,” “Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler),” “Song of the South,” “The Fans,” “Tennessee River,” “Dancin’, Shaggin’ on the Boulevard,” and of course, no night would be complete without “Mountain Music” and “My Home’s in Alabama.”  Their song list was no surprise, but it was what everyone came to see.  The biggest surprise of the night was yet to come.  Randy Owens, the lead singer of Alabama, announced that they would have a new album coming out soon.  It will be the first studio album since 2001.  Yet that was really not what caused to crowd to go wild.  That was when Owens announced that he was bringing out someone who he had been told several years ago would be a star.  He then welcomed to the stage Luke Bryan, the CMA Entertainer of the Year.  I happen to be a big fan of Luke Bryan.  I think that he is incredibly sexy.  I stood and cheered like everyone else, and “Little Joe” stood up at attention as well, if you know what I mean, lol.
The concert I will be going to Thursday night is a Luke Bryan concert in Birmingham.  I can’t wait to see this sexy man in action again.  I fell in love with Luke Bryan the first time I saw his video for “All My Friends Say.”  I’ve been a fan ever since and have wanted to see him in concert.  He came to Montgomery a few years ago, but because of the circumstances at the time, I was not able to go.  Now I am finally able to go, and I can’t wait.  Georgia-Florida Line and Thompson Square will be the opening acts on Thursday night.

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