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Winter Is Here…


I think it’s finally decided to get cold for a little while here in South Alabama. For the next few weeks, the temperature is not expected to rise above the low 60s with lows in the low 30s. I have one friend who would say, “Quit your bitchin’!” But then again he lives in the frigid north. To be honest though, I am not complaining. I love the cooler weather. I have three reasons to enjoy cooler weather. First, I prefer winter clothes to summer clothes, because I usually wear long-sleeved dress shirts to work. Second, you can walk outside without breaking an immediate sweat (It was in the mid to upper 80s just a few days ago). Third, it doesn’t get too cold here in the winter, so it’s never that bad. It could be worse. The high could be -3 degrees as it was for my friend up north.

I used to have a teacher in high school who would always say, “I love cold weather. You can always put on enough clothes to be warm, but legally, you can’t take off enough clothes to be cool when it’s hot and humid.” Unless I have a pool to swim in, I do not like the very hot and humid summers here in Alabama.

I’m hoping it will at least stay fairly cool through New Years, but Alabama winters can be quite unpredictable. I’ve known more than a few Christmases and New Years to be quite warm and short sleeve weather. I never have liked warm Christmases. I prefer a cold Christmas so that you can gather around a warm fire.

So I am going to pose a question for you guys: Do you prefer cold weather or hot weather? Why?



Flabbergasted! That’s what I am. Just flabbergasted!

Yesterday, I went to court for the speeding ticket that I had blogged about a month or so ago. The officer testified that he registered a gray car in the far left lane closest to the median and farthest from him. He also testified, that no cars were around me. I called my witness, who was in the car with me. She was not allowed in court during the officer’s testimony. I asked her, which lane was I in? She answered, the far right lane closest to the state trooper. I asked, how much traffic was on the road? She said cars were speeding around us. One of those cars was a gray Ford Fusion in the farthest lane over. She also testified that I was going the speed limit and that she keeps a close eye on both the speedometer and the surrounding traffic. The prosecutor made a smart ass comment about how she could see two things at once, when I reminded the judge that being able to see what was in front and around was called peripheral vision. He agreed with me. Remember, she had not heard the previous testimony and backed up everything I said. After her testimony and mine, the prosecutor called back the officer. The prosecutor, who was not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, did catch on to my line of questioning and realized that his witness had made a number of mistakes. So he asked the officer if he ever lost sight of me after he had me in his sights. The officer said he never lost sight of me. I asked him how that was possible when he was behind his vehicle and I lost sight of him. The judge agreed that there was no way he kept his eyes on me the whole time. He then asked if I wanted to testify. I said that I did, and I told my story, just as it happened. Then the judge asked if there were any further testimony or questions….

When no one had anything else to add, the judge said he found me guilty. What the hell!!! The officer was clearly unable to tell which car was which. He could not remember what lane I was in, and he lied about losing sight of me. The judge agreed with me on each and every point. So how the hell did he find me guilty? The prosecutor was able to prove nothing. I was told that I could appeal it and go before a the circuit court and receive a jury trial. If I did this though, I’d have to pay a $400 bond for the appeal. I knew I could not try this on my own in circuit court, and I couldn’t pay the $400, so I paid the $200 for the ticket and left the court.

I can’t begin to describe my disappointment in the Alabama judicial system. It was an absolute farce. It would not have mattered if I could have had Jesus Christ himself testify on my behalf, the judge would have still ruled against me.



Only occasionally do I answer the TMI questions from Just a Jeep Guy. Most of the time, I can only answer a few of them, but when I can answer most of them, these posts are generally fun to write. So here is my TMI: LOST AND FOUND?

1. Do you tend to lose things only to find them later?

Yes, I do. If you saw my desk at school, you would understand. I constantly lose things on my desk, only to find them later. However, it’s not just my desk. I constantly lose things and then find whatever I lost when I least expect it. The bad thing is, I usually don’t need it when I find, but then need it a few days later, only to forget where I found it.

2. Have you ever gone “shopping” in the Lost and Found?

Only for props and costumes for my Drama Club.

3. Has a dog or other pet “followed” you home?

No. I have an aunt who has had a lot of pets “follow” her home, but HRH was chosen on purpose and has made a wonderful companion.

4. How are you at finding a bargain?

I am pretty good at finding bargains. Being a poor grad student and now a teacher, I have to search for the bargains.

5. How many times have you lost your wallet?

Only twice, that I can remember. Once was in the basement of a gay bar in Florence, Italy. I was a bit to busy with “other things” to notice that it had fallen out of my pocket. Luckily, the bartender went down there with a flashlight and found it. Even more lucky, everything was still in my wallet. The other time, I didn’t actually lose it, it was stolen.

6. How do you find the time?

I just do. Sometimes, it has a lot to do with a lack of sleep. Plus, I have the philosophy, “Don’t freak out; it will all get done…eventually.”

7. Have you found your soul mate? Do you think you ever will?

I have not found my soul mate, at least as far as I know. Will I ever find him? It looks less and less likely as the years go on. I hope I will find him someday, but I will just have to wait and see. I will keep searching, nonetheless.

8. Do you have a lost love?

No, I don’t. I thought I had once, but I realized that it was just the idea that I was in love with.

9. When did you loose your innocence?

I lost my innocence the day that my best friend told me she had had sex with numerous guys. We had always said that we would save ourselves for marriage, yet she had not. I didn’t know this because she had moved away for a few years. Back before emails and cell phones (and when long distance was too expensive), we used to write each other letters. When she moved back, we were friends as if she had never left. Year, there was lots of things about her years away that she didn’t tell me until later. So when the truth came out, my innocence was lost from that point on. I did always enjoy hearing “all” the details about her various boyfriends. I think I knew the dick size of half the guys of south Alabama, LOL.

When did you loose your virginity? How many times have you helped someone loose their’s?

When I lost my virginity to a girl, it was to the only girl I ever thought I loves. She was a bit of a tomboy and I met her when I was attending the University of Alabama for an honors program during the summer between my junior and senior year of high school. I remember we were sitting on a bench behind the business library and telling her that I wanted to ask her something. For the life of me, I do not remember what I was going to ask, but I do remember that she said, “I know what you’re going to ask.” She said that I was going to ask her to have sex. It wasn’t my intent, but I thought what the hell. It took a week or so to finally convince her, and I lost my virginity in Parker-Adams Hall at the University of Alabama.

My first time with a man was when I was 23. It was not a particularly pleasant experience, and it is not a story I want to relate. It was consensual, but a bad experience. It was the only bad sex that I have ever had though, so I think I have been pretty fortunate since.

As far as helping someone loose theirs. For sure I know that I have only twice, but there could have been a few more times. Once was with the aforementioned girl I lost my virginity too, and the other was a guy who I hooked up with.



How does Fall rank on your list of favorite seasons?

Fall is my favorite season. My birthday is in fall, but most importantly, I love the weather. Alabama usually has wonderful fall weather. It’s cooler without being cold, and the scorching heat is pretty much gone. I also love the beauty of the fallen leaves.

2. What are your favorite fall fashions?

Browns and other earth tones tend to look good on my with my olive complexion and brown hair and brown eyes. Also, since I usually don’t wear short sleeve button-up shirts, it’s nice to be able to wear long sleeve shirts in relative comfort.

3. What are your favorite fall foods?

I love hearty soups and stews during the fall. A good chili or Brunswick stew are my favorites. They just seem to fit with fall for me. There are also a few foods that I can only get at this time of year, such as fresh green boiled peanuts, chestnuts, and scuppernongs. Yummy one and all.

4. Have you ever FALLEN and couldn’t get up?

Thankfully, no.

5. Fall is the start of the new TV season, which show are you most anticipating?

I’m really looking forward to the season premiere of The Big Bang Theory tonight.

6. What fall activities like apple picking, hiking, foliage trips, do you enjoy or plan on doing?

None of the above, but I will go to some football games. In Alabama, that is the quintessential fall activity.

7. Halloween is __________.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Halloween parties are so much fun, and I love decorating for Halloween.

8. Do you dress up for Halloween?

It’s not a Halloween if you don’t dress up. This year I’m going as a Scotsman in a kilt. Anybody want to guess what will be under my kilt. Hopefully, someone will want to find out.

9. Do you have daylight savings time where you live?

Yes, and unlike most people, I enjoy the days getting shorter and darkness coming earlier. I’m such a night person.

10. Thanksgiving is __________.

Thanksgiving is delicious and filled with what I’m most thankful for, my family.

11. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?

Without a doubt, my favorite Thanksgiving food is pecan pie. Though if the dressing is good, I love that too.

Do you FALL asleep after sex? Have you FALLEN out of bed while having sex?

Since my refractory period is usually relatively short, I’m usually ready to go again instead of falling a sleep. However, I certainly don’t mind curling up in a man’s arms after sex.

I’ve never fallen out of bed during sex.

Traffic Court


Yesterday, I had a court appearance for my speeding ticket. As I said yesterday, I wasn’t speeding, so I’m fighting it. Let me just say this, the Alabama judicial system is f*cked. I knew it would be when the dishonorable Judge Roy Moore became the head of the Alabama judicial system again. (He had bankrupted the courts once before before getting booted from office for violating a federal court order, then in the infinite wisdom of Alabama voters, he was elected to the same position again.) Any person entering the court can see that the courts are in trouble right away, when they take one look around at the results of the massive budget cuts. The first thing you notice is how hot it is on the courtroom (can’t afford good AC). The next thing is when the judge walks in and he’s having to share a clerk with another courtroom plus the judge is having to do the clerk’s job himself while at the same time conducting court. By the way, in Alabama, the district courts handle traffic court unless you get a ticket by a city police officer and then you go to municipal court. My ticket was by a state trooper, so I had to go to district court.

My day in court seemed to be going smoothly when I got there. I was third in line to sign in (all the other men had to go tuck in their shirts). Since it is first come first serve, my case was called second, at which time I was asked how I plead. When I said not guilty, I was told to go see the district attorney to schedule a court date. Now back when I used to work for an attorney, the clerks office, not the D.A., set trial dates, but maybe I’m wrong. The D.A. told me that they could set the trial at 1:00 that afternoon, if they could get the officer there. This was fine by me, though I still think that if the chief witness for the state was not there then my case should have been dismissed; however, with the Alabama court system it seems that the world revolves around Alabama State Troopers. The D.A. told me that he would call me if the officer could not appear.

After doing some shopping, while waiting around for one o’clock, the D.A. called (just before noon) and told me that they would have to reschedule because the officer was out of town. So as soon as a new date is scheduled, I will receive a letter in the mail with my trial date. Since I am a teacher and can’t just schedule my life around a state trooper’s schedule, I will most likely have to reschedule the trial date. Also, my witness, who was in the car with me the day of the ticket, will not be able to get another day off until November, which is what I will tell the court when I call to reschedule.

When I do go to trial, assuming the court can schedule around the officer’s schedule, then I will be representing myself. That is, unless any of you know of a lawyer who would represent me for free and is in the Montgomery, Alabama, area. I would get the lawyer I used to work for, but she has retired from practicing law and has no interest in reentering the profession. The judge, which will be the trial judge as well, was very helpful in telling us what we need to know, and he assured us that in trial, it is winnable if we can show reasonable doubt. With a witness and my testimony, plus the fact that there is no way this officer is perfect and incapable of making a mistake as he claimed when he gave me a ticket, I do have some hope that I can show reasonable doubt.

I do wish Alabama was like so many other places and if the officer failed to appear, then the case would be dismissed, but no such luck. However, I have a right to a trial, and I refuse to plead guilty and pay the fine when I am not guilty.

Country Music

Country music has been the buzz on many gay sites and blogs because of the hot little number by Steve Grand, which I posted about on Friday.  As I mentioned on Friday, I went to an Alabama concert on Friday night.  Alabama has been around for forty years, and my aunt, who I went with has been seeing them in concert, every time they come around, for thirty of those years.  To say she’s a fan might be an understatement.  I have one more concert to go to with my aunt on Thursday, more on that in a moment.  My aunt s a huge country music fan, and I have, since I was a kid, went along to concerts with her so she didn’t go alone.  My aunt is a wonderful woman, who always took my sister and I on different vacations each summer.  She is keeping pretty busy this month, and it often means me going along.  There is a reason for this.  You see tomorrow will be a year since her mother and my Grandmama died.  Her father and my Granddaddy died at the end of July twelve years ago.  For these reasons, July is a difficult month for my family, and especially for my aunt, who took care of my grandparents in their waning years.  When I started writing this post, I had not meant for it to be such a downer, so I am going to make a radical shift back to the topic of country music.

The Alabama concert was a wonderful and surprising event.  I was surprised by the number of young people at the concert.  Alabama hasn’t toured in years, and it has been quite a while since they put out an album, but the teenagers and twenty-somethings seem to love them.  Three cute teenage boys were sitting behind us.  One of them knew the words and sang along to every song that Alabama sang.  I was impressed.  (If I were one to have a foot fetish, his bare feet propped next to me for a good part of the night probably would have caused a spontaneous orgasm, lol.)  One other surprise that I noticed in the crowd was a hot guy in cut-off jean shorts (Daisy Duke short), button down shirt with the sleeves ripped off, boots and a cowboy hat.  He was smokin’ hot in a slutty gay boy kind of way.  Whether he was gay, lost a bet, or just has a quirky sense of fashion, this hot little number was quite the looker.  I’d loved to have snuck off with him and had my way with him, but alas, I only got to admire him from afar.

The opening act was another surprise.  Aaron Parker, who incidentally I had never heard of, was the hot little cowboy who opened up for Alabama.   His picture is above.  Be forewarned, my description of him might be a little raunchy.  First of all, Mr. Parker is packing some major meat.  His bulge was big enough to be noticeable from where I was sitting on the second level, maybe two hundred yards away. He also had a tight little butt that was drool worthy.  It was definitely fun to watch him continuously bump and grind one of his band mates, see picture above.  His music was okay, and with Alabama’s help, he might have a good career ahead of him.  Being the opening act for a band like Alabama has to be difficult considering how great of a band they are and that people were there to see them and not him, but he was fun to watch.  Most likely, he was chosen because of his song, “Anything Alabama.”

Alabama came on afterward and were fantastic.  They sang “Love in the First Degree,” “The Closer You Get,” “High Cotton,” “Feels So Right,” “Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler),” “Song of the South,” “The Fans,” “Tennessee River,” “Dancin’, Shaggin’ on the Boulevard,” and of course, no night would be complete without “Mountain Music” and “My Home’s in Alabama.”  Their song list was no surprise, but it was what everyone came to see.  The biggest surprise of the night was yet to come.  Randy Owens, the lead singer of Alabama, announced that they would have a new album coming out soon.  It will be the first studio album since 2001.  Yet that was really not what caused to crowd to go wild.  That was when Owens announced that he was bringing out someone who he had been told several years ago would be a star.  He then welcomed to the stage Luke Bryan, the CMA Entertainer of the Year.  I happen to be a big fan of Luke Bryan.  I think that he is incredibly sexy.  I stood and cheered like everyone else, and “Little Joe” stood up at attention as well, if you know what I mean, lol.
The concert I will be going to Thursday night is a Luke Bryan concert in Birmingham.  I can’t wait to see this sexy man in action again.  I fell in love with Luke Bryan the first time I saw his video for “All My Friends Say.”  I’ve been a fan ever since and have wanted to see him in concert.  He came to Montgomery a few years ago, but because of the circumstances at the time, I was not able to go.  Now I am finally able to go, and I can’t wait.  Georgia-Florida Line and Thompson Square will be the opening acts on Thursday night.

All-American Boy


A friend of mine sent me a link to the video below, and I think it’s pretty fantastic.  I was raised on country music, in fact I’m going to a concert tonight (the group Alabama).  I wouldn’t say I’m a huge country music fan, because I tend to like older country music.  Most of the time when I listen to the radio in the car, I am listening to NPR, not music.  I tend to like funky alternative rock more, but I do like some country music.  When my friend sent me this video, he said, “Since you like country music you are going to enjoy this video.  It’s got a surprise twist.  And the singer is so damn gorgeous and so aptly named.  It is making its rounds on gay sites so you might have seen it already.”  I had not seen it, but I couldn’t pass up an introduction like that.  You guys may have already seen it, if not I hope you will watch it.  Let me know what you think.
Steve Grand  is out to be a country music star, and an out one at that. He’s got the whole package – great voice, musically talented, incredibly hot, and fearless, as you can see in his video for “All American Boy” which he created out of pocket, as he doesn’t have a label yet. The hopelessly romantic singer falls for a guy in a heterosexual relationship in the video. The two spend time together leading to skinny-dipping in a river and a kiss. Unfortunately, the attraction is only held by one of the characters. His lyrics are quite dreamy for his crush “He smiles, his arms around her but his eyes are holding me, just a captive to his wonder, ohh I say we go this road tonight.” Steve produced all his own music, as he does not have a manager or label. He raised funds to pay for everything on his own by playing piano at a local joint and at a church. 
He’s ready to be upfront and honest from the start of his career, “time to be brave. the world does not see change until it sees honesty. I am taking a risk here in many ways, but really there is no choice but to be brave. To not tell this story is to let my soul die. It is all I believe in. It is all I hold dear. We have all longed for someone we can never have… we all have felt that ache for our ‎#allamericanboy.”


Gay country music artists do not have a good track record.  Josey Greenwell ended up recording a pop song, and k.d. lang left country music, at least for the most part.  I love to hear all of them sing, but I love k.d. more as a jazz artist.  She has a beautiful voice.  I hope Josey goes back to his country music roots and finds success, just as I hope Steve Grand has success.

Thank you, Steve Grand, for having the courage to make the music you want and to be a voice for thousands, in a music genre that may not support you.