It is not that unusual for me to have a headache. I have them all the time, almost daily, but I’ve learned to live with them and do what I need to do. I also have migraines on occasion. If you’ve ever had a migraine, then you know it’s not your usual headache. The pain is debilitating. When I have a migraine, my senses become hypersensitive, especially to light, sound and smell, though touch and taste can also be affected.

I say this because for the past two days, I have had one of the worst migraines that I can remember. Migraine specific medicine and strong pain relievers can mask the pain for short periods, but so far it has not cured the pain I am experiencing. I even had to take a sick day at work yesterday. (I very rarely take sick days. Most often I work through an illness.) I had taken some medicine before I left for school hoping that it would kick in by he time I got there, but I was mistaken. The pain only grew worse. So, once there, I arranged for a substitute, got some work together for my students, and went back home to bed and stronger medication that would allow me to sleep.

Thankfully, I woke up and my headache is mostly gone (these really bad migraines usually last 24-72 hours and luckily I only get then 2-3 times a year). I have a shadow of the headache still, in which the pain is considerable less but still there, and I can go about my day at school. I hate being sick and preparing for a substitute. When I can prepare ahead of time, I can make sure that I am in a good stopping place and can have worksheets, reading assignments, or a film for the students to watch. However, when I am in the middle of a series of lectures, it is nearly impossible to prepare for a substitute.

About Joe

I began my life in the South and for five years lived as a closeted teacher, but am now making a new life for myself as an oral historian in New England. I think my life will work out the way it was always meant to be. That doesn't mean there won't be ups and downs; that's all part of life. It means I just have to be patient. I feel like October 7, 2015 is my new birthday. It's a beginning filled with great hope. It's a second chance to live my life…not anyone else's. My profile picture is "David and Me," 2001 painting by artist Steve Walker. It happens to be one of my favorite modern gay art pieces. View all posts by Joe

3 responses to “Migraine

  • louisamayalcatt

    We do not get migraines, but MAD does, as do others in our lives. We know it can be debilitating and wish you a full recovery, xo LMA

  • shirtlessiniceland

    I’ve always suffered from migraines too … so I totally understand. The one medicine that seems to help is clonazepam, but you have to take it every day … as in for the rest of your life. It really does work, however. It’s basically an anti-seizure medication but it stops the migraine progression in the brain too. Anyway … if it helps.

  • rlboyington

    During a period of frequent migraines – brought on, more than likely, by stress at work – I happened to read Oliver Sacks’ book Migraine. Best thing I could have done. For years(!) now, I am mostly free of migraines, but once in a great while suffer from a migraine aura. (I am now retired from a long and rewarding life devoted to teaching. An aura while teaching would result in my saying to my class, “let me know if what I am writing is no longer readable” — the aura would cause nearly total blindness that would last, fortunately, only a few minutes.)

    BTW – I have perused several of your blog pieces — and the consistently gorgeous photographs — and am happy to have found your blog. I’ll be back and hope that I may offer an occasional useful remark. Thank you for your writing!

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