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This is a totally off the wall post, but I have that prerogative on occasion. I have a thing for nipple piercings on men. It’s the only piercing I ever thought I might get, though I doubt I will ever get the nerve to do so. I think the first time I ever got turned on to a nipple piercing was a scene on a TV show. (I don’t remember what show it was but I vaguely remember it being on the Sci-Fi Channel. It was several years ago before they changed to the SyFy Channel.) One of the characters in the show, not even a main character, was making out with a girl and she sucked on his nipple piercing taking it into her mouth and pulling on his nipple. I remember thinking how incredibly sexy that looked and how incredible it must have felt. It turned me on enough that I do remember that I watched the whole series (even though I can’t remember what it was) because this was the first scene on the premiere episode.

With that being said, this is more of a mental turn on. I’ve never been with a guy who had a nipple piercing. I do find them incredibly sexy though, especially on a well-defined chest. Nice pectoral muscles on a guy, gets me every time. They don’t have to be super defined either, but just slightly defined. It’s just one of those things that drives me wild, and I just felt like sharing that bit of information, even if it might be TMI.

So tell me, is there something that totally turns you on and you can’t explain why? What drives you wild?