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Snow Day


Technically, we aren’t getting a snow day here in Alabama because if there was snow, it came in the middle of the night in the form of flurries and none of it accumulated. However, we are getting the day out of school because of extremely cold (at least for Alabama) temperatures and icy roads. Since we rarely have these conditions, it is advisable that people only get on the roads if it is absolutely necessary. I will not be getting on the roads today. The school is closed and since we are expecting even colder temperatures tomorrow, with a possible windchill of below 0 degrees, we may not have school tomorrow either (I’m keeping my fingers crossed).

Instead of going out, I actually have a lot I need to get done today. I need to do some laundry, especially some of my summer clothes. Summer clothes? You ask. Yes, summer clothes. I will be needing them next week. I’m going on a seven day cruise to Honduras, Belize, and Mexico. Because I’m a poor teacher, I would not normally be going on a cruise; however, a close friend of mine and her family are going and they invited me. Since there was an odd number of them and my friend’s sister would have a room to herself and it was a mere $100 to add another person, they asked if I wanted to go. I hesitated at first because of finances, because I really didn’t have even $100 to spare. They said that if I would go, they’d take care of the $100 and the cruise would be free. Honestly, how could I pass it up? So I didn’t. I’ve saved up some money and receive some at Christmas to help pay for the incidentals (HRH’s healthcare costs have cut into that), but all in all, I think I will be okay. From what I have been told, there are three main extra costs to going on a cruise: 1) the excursions at the various ports, 2) alcoholic beverages, which I expect to consume copious amounts, and 3) souvenirs. I hope I have enough to cover these.

Anyway, there’s a lot to do to get ready before I leave. First of all, I need to get packed and make sure I don’t forget anything. Second, having a substitute for a week at school is more work than being there. Luckily, I have it worked out that I have reached a particular part in my curriculum for each of my classes to be able to show a movie in nearly all of them, and if I can be creative then I will be able to find a movie for all of them. However, in my class, watching a movie is never enough. Assignments have to be made for follow ups. I will have worksheets and essays for students to work on when the movies have finished. Third, I need to schedule blog posts for each day I will be at sea. Next week will probably be a few itinerary items, mixed in with some of my usual posts, but I’m sure most of it will be cruise or travel related. I have some ideas, so I hope that even though I will be gone and will not be able to respond to comments, you will tune in each day to see what I have in store for you. I promise I will do my best to make it fun. If nothing else, I know you will enjoy the pictures.

So it’s actually a good thing that it’s too cold to do anything today, I have a lot to get started on this week, and all of it will have to be finished by Friday.



I’m still aggravated with my students, but mainly because of their apathy. I just don’t understand it. Why wouldn’t someone want to learn? There is so much on this world to know, and ignorance is just not an excuse for me. I have always loved learning new things. I’ve always been one of those people (before the Internet age) who would look something up in the encyclopedia, find something else interesting along the way, read both, and then end up finding something else. I could spend hours perusing the encyclopedia. (Maybe I had a bit of ADD, LOL.) I’m the same way with Wikipedia and other information sources on the Internet. The difference now is that I can open a new tab instead of having three or four fingers holding my place for the next thing I wanted to read about.

I realize that this makes me a complete nerd. Then again it also makes me a great partner for Trivial Pursuit. I’m full of useless knowledge; some not so useless. Sometimes it just comes spilling out, and I have the fear that I’m a complete bore. I try to guard against that. A bore, a nerd, or whatever you would want to call me, I’ve always loved adding to my knowledge and reading new things. My love of learning is why student apathy frustrates me so much. I think it is something all teachers have to deal with at some point. It’s one of the reasons I loved teaching at the college where I was an adjunct. A lot of my students were older and had tried college once before but left because of apathy, then they realized what they were missing and were back to really learn this time around. Middle and high school students just don’t have that life experience yet to realize what they are missing. And it’s not just with my teaching because that would sound incredibly arrogant of me, but it is with nearly all teachers (many coaches are the exception). We have so much to give, and it gets frustrating when students don’t care.