Fatal Shadows by Josh Lanyon

Book Description:

One sunny morning Los Angeles bookseller and aspiring mystery author Adrien English opens his front door to murder. His old high school buddy (and employee) has been found stabbed to death in a back alley following a loud and very public argument with Adrien the previous evening. Naturally the cops want to ask Adrien a few questions; they are none too impressed with his answers, and when a few hours later someone breaks into Adrien’s shop and ransacks it, the law is inclined to think Adrien is trying to divert suspicion from himself. Adrien knows better. Adrien knows he is next on the killer’s list.

When I wrote my answers for Sean’s TMI about books, I read some of the other responses. One of the authors that kept popping up on those TMI,s and from suggestions from my readers, was Josh Lanyon, particularly his Adrien English series.  I had recently read his book Fair Game and by coincidence had bought Fatal Shadows: The Adrien English Mystery Series, the first book in the Adrien English series.  So the next logical step was to read it.  Over the weekend I did in my moments of free time.  I really enjoyed the book and now can’t wait to read the other four. Josh Lannyon writes in an even, unpretentious, relaxed style. There is very good character development, ingenuity of plot, believability, dialogue, and pacing.  Once you start reading it, you will find it difficult to put down.

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I began my life in the South and for five years lived as a closeted teacher, but am now making a new life for myself as an oral historian in New England. I think my life will work out the way it was always meant to be. That doesn't mean there won't be ups and downs; that's all part of life. It means I just have to be patient. I feel like October 7, 2015 is my new birthday. It's a beginning filled with great hope. It's a second chance to live my life…not anyone else's. My profile picture is "David and Me," 2001 painting by artist Steve Walker. It happens to be one of my favorite modern gay art pieces. View all posts by Joe

3 responses to “Fatal Shadows by Josh Lanyon

  • Jay M.

    I've enjoyed every Josh Lanyon book I've read so far, and I'm into another one – not Adrien English (those were GRRRREAT). Peace <3Jay

  • Sunne

    Yeah – Josh Lanyon writes good books. I love them.Very good authors are also:Kaje Harper (check out her free books on smashwords)(Life Lessons-series)Harper Fox (e.g. Driftwood)Z.A. Maxfield L.A. Witt K.A. MitchellJordan Castillo Price (Psy-Cop-series!!!)Abigail Roux (Cut&Run series!!!)Scott Sherman (Kevin Conner Mysteries)Drew ZacharyAmy LaneDuh – these are just a few…

  • nikki

    I put off reading the Adrien English series for so long and when I finally started it I became obsessed. So sad I've already read it and don't have that ahead of me still.

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