HRH Update


Several people have requested updates on how my cat HRH is doing. The first of the year was a bit rough with her bladder infection and then an abscess but he has continued to improve. She is eating more and has gained enough weight that I can’t feel her ribs anymore. She’s also much more playful with me. She will grab at my ankles wanting me to rough house with her, but he is sixteen (roughly 84 cat years old) so I don’t rough house too much. I usually just scratch her belly which she acts like she doesn’t like, but really she can’t get enough of it. I know this because she will come back for more and then roll over on her back exposing her tummy for me to rub. Mostly though, she wants you to,rub her head. If anyone else is paying attention to HRH, they may only rub her head. I am the only one who she allows to hold her or pet her anywhere else.

I’m glad she’s eating though. I was worried about her, but we found some food that she likes and doesn’t upset her stomach too much. She’s becoming incontinent, but she does her best. We just have to have her a special potty to use, as she won’t use any other. Other than that, she’s in great health. She’s very spry and feisty, like the HRH before she got sick. She does sleep a little more and a bit more soundly these day, but when she’s awake, everyone knows it. She mostly sleeps by the food bowls, of which she has become the guardian. She lets the other cats eat only when it suits her.

If she is not in her spot guarding the food bowl, she is in one of three places. She may be drinking water; clean fresh water please. She may be eating from one of the bowls she guards. And thirdly, if someone is sitting in my chair, she will come sit beside them. If it’s me in the chair, she’s laying on my chest or up next to me. However, she does this only when the mood strikes her, which has been numerous times in the last couple of days. She even sat and yeowed (she’s part Siamese so she doesn’t meow like most cats) for me to pick her up and hold her. I always know she’s feeling good when she wants to socialize and be loving. When she’s sick, she wants to find a place to hide.

HRH is regal and commanding, and you had better bow to her wants and tastes. I’m glad to see her old attitude back. It means she is feeling better and doing well.

The above picture is not of her, or of me, but the picture below is of her. She’s licking her paw because she just drank the rest of my coffee. Coffee is something she can’t resist. She likes it black or with cream and sugar. It matters not to her.


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