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Another HRH Update


The picture above was captioned “how to know if your cat is fully charged.” If only it was that easy. HRH had been improving. She’d been up and about more, eating and drinking, and more easily using her potty, but yesterday and the day before, she seemed to have a setback. She slept for twelve hours straight and had slept for nearly twelve hours straight before that. She had lost her pep, and I knew she wasn’t getting better like she should. Since I was supposed to take her for a re-check tomorrow, I went ahead and called he veterinarian’s office this afternoon. The vet says that her bladder infection is not much better and gave her more and stronger antibiotics. Hopefully, this will make her all better.

I did see some pep in her today at the vet’s office, which was an improvement. She hissed and yeowed (Siamese, of which she is one-quarter, don’t meow and it comes out as a blood curdling yeow). She snapped at the vet and her assistant, and even bit me. I don’t blame her. If someone stuck an unlubed stick (i.e. thermometer, by size comparison it’s like a baseball bat) up my ass, I’d holler too. Furthermore, if someone pressed on my bladder to get me to pee everywhere, I’d have hollered too, not to mention the shot in the butt. By the way, the vet she saw today was not the same vet that she saw last week. Last week’s vet had just gone into surgery, so we saw a different one today. We also saw a much feistier HRH (granted they didn’t sedate her this time), which showed she had some pep after all.

She will recover and be back to her old self soon enough.