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Another HRH Update


The picture above was captioned “how to know if your cat is fully charged.” If only it was that easy. HRH had been improving. She’d been up and about more, eating and drinking, and more easily using her potty, but yesterday and the day before, she seemed to have a setback. She slept for twelve hours straight and had slept for nearly twelve hours straight before that. She had lost her pep, and I knew she wasn’t getting better like she should. Since I was supposed to take her for a re-check tomorrow, I went ahead and called he veterinarian’s office this afternoon. The vet says that her bladder infection is not much better and gave her more and stronger antibiotics. Hopefully, this will make her all better.

I did see some pep in her today at the vet’s office, which was an improvement. She hissed and yeowed (Siamese, of which she is one-quarter, don’t meow and it comes out as a blood curdling yeow). She snapped at the vet and her assistant, and even bit me. I don’t blame her. If someone stuck an unlubed stick (i.e. thermometer, by size comparison it’s like a baseball bat) up my ass, I’d holler too. Furthermore, if someone pressed on my bladder to get me to pee everywhere, I’d have hollered too, not to mention the shot in the butt. By the way, the vet she saw today was not the same vet that she saw last week. Last week’s vet had just gone into surgery, so we saw a different one today. We also saw a much feistier HRH (granted they didn’t sedate her this time), which showed she had some pep after all.

She will recover and be back to her old self soon enough.

Moment of Zen: Cuddle Time


Y’all know how much I love HRH. She stayed groggy from the medication much longer than I expected, but she seems to be doing better. Now I just have to get her to eat. One of our favorite things is our cuddle time together. I found this picture particularly perfect since it was a cute guy with a cat and an ohm symbol tattoo (very zen!).

I’ve always said that I’d get an ohm tattoo if I ever got one. I just don’t know where it would be.

HRH Update

I just got HRH back from the vet. She is still sedated, and sleeping peacefully. She has a urinary tract infection. The veterinarian gave her some fluids, an antibiotic injection, and some medicine for her to take for seven days. I was told she should be feeling much better in about two or three days. I will have to take her back next week for a check up. In all, my poor sick girl will cost me about $200, but for the love and companionship I have received from her over the last 15 years (and hopefully, many years to come), it is absolutely worth it.

The cat does not offer services. The cat offers itself. Of course he wants care and shelter. You don’t buy love for nothing.

William S. Burroughs

Post-Christmas Post


Christmas is over; Santa has hung up his suit; and I am heading home. We always end up spending Christmas Night at my parents’ house, mainly because we eat so much at Christmas dinner that no one wants to drive home. In years past, we spend time with each other on the day after Christmas, but today, we won’t be doing that. My parents will head to the hospital to check on my mother’s sister, who is in critical condition with H1N1 (swine flu) and ARDS in ICU (the doctors have seen improvement in the last few days, but it’s a slow process). My sisters family has plans of their own. I am rushing home to check on HRH.


HRH has been acting sickly lately. I think she has a cold, and a cat with a cold is no fun. She’s been coughing and sneezing and occasionally vomiting mucus (she’s part Siamese so vomiting is a regular occurrence with this breed, so that’s not that unusual). However, she’s just not acting herself. I am going to take her to the vet this morning as soon as I can get home. HRH is 15 years old, so I know she is quite elderly for a cat. However, she’s a wonderful companion, even if I’m one of the few living creatures this world that she loves. HRH can be quite cranky with other animals and humans, but since she’s been ill, she hasn’t even bothered the other cats. She’s always here when I need her, and I am quite worried about her.

So on this day after Christmas, I ask for your prayers for my aunt to recover from her illness, my sister (who is 3 mos. pregnant) to continue to have a healthy pregnancy, and HRH to be feeling much better soon and to return to her cranky old lady status.

Moment of Zen: HRH


With my headaches these last few days, my moments of Zen have all included my cat, HRH. She is a wonderful companion who knows how to comfort me in my time of pain. There are few things as comfortable as cuddling with a kitty, unless it it cuddling with a cute guy like in these photos.





All photos in this post are from Cute Boys with Cats20130719-224906.jpg