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Moment of Zen: Alone Time


I love being around other people. I’m usually a very social person, that is as long as I know the people I’m with (otherwise, I can be quite shy). But sometimes, and I suspect we are all a little like this, I enjoy being alone. Yes, one of my most fervent wishes is to find a man with whom to spend the rest of my life, but I will still most likely enjoy some alone time. Sometimes, that alone time can be quite wonderful and relaxing. I was enjoying such a moment of alone time the other day, when I was inspired to write this post. This may be a bit more risqué than my usual “Moment of Zen,” but since it’s my birthday today, I decided to indulge myself in a more seductive moment.

Now this would certainly be better with some one else, but that’s another scenario. I was lying in a bubble bath, when this began to consume my thoughts, but it could have also, just as easily, been while lying lazily in bed. It’s that moment when you are alone. It may be peacefully quiet, or soft music could be playing. It really doesn’t matter, but it is whatever gets you in your most relaxed state. For me, I was taking a bubble bath, something I love, but rarely do.

I began to think of a certain beautiful young man, and since I was naked, my hand drifted to my penis. This was not a moment that I was intent to bring myself to orgasm, but to merely fondle myself. I began to gently run my fingers around my balls and up my shaft, slowly allowing the blood to rush to the now attentive appendage. I never fully grasped the shaft, but gently used my fingers to stroke my member to its full tumescence. Once fully aroused, I was completely relaxed and began to slowly stroke myself, moving up and down. Occasionally, I would linger around the head, lightly running a finger around, sometimes paying a little more attention to the sensitive underside, before working my way back down. I then took my balls in my hand and gently rolled them around, tugging them lightly before moving back up the shaft.

On lazy days, this is one of my favorite things to do, whether I’m slick with soap in the bath or using some lubricant while lying in bed. It’s a great way to relax. Often, when lying in bed at night, especially after a tiring day, I love to do this. When I’m really tired, I know I don’t want to have to deal with the clean-up after orgasm, so this is a great way to release tension. Just a teasingly slow solo activity that lulls me to sleep. When I do this at night before I fall asleep, I usually dream peacefully of carnal pleasures and awaken with that glorious male event known as morning wood. Taking care of that to a climax is a wonderful way to wake up and get your day started. It’s made even better by the more intense orgasm that results from the leisurely, anticipatory, but non-climactic events of the previous night.

Moment of Zen: A Beautiful Smile

For me, there are only a few things in this world that can get my juices flowing like a guy with a great smile. When it’s one of those smiles that lights up their entire face, and you know it’s 100 percent genuine, I get instantly aroused. I’ve been thinking a lot about smiles this week, because I have a special friend, who has one if the sexiest smiles I’ve ever seen. What makes it even more sexy is that he has no idea just how sexy his smile is. So remember, smile…it not only makes the world a better place, but it also makes me horny.

Moment of Zen: Masturbation


With the posts this week, I think it’s only fitting that my “Moment of Zen” this week be dedicated to masturbation.

Moment of Zen: Goofy Guys


Whether they are just dorky, or they like to make funny faces, a goofy guy is just fun to be around. When your down or just in an all around bad mood, a goofy guy can bring you out of it. I usually don’t elaborate on my “Moments of Zen” and I just let the pictures speak for themselves, but today, I just thought I should add a little bit of commentary.

I guess I can be a bit goofy at times too. When a situation gets serious, I try to break the tension with a laugh. What can always get you out of a bad mood?

Moment of Zen: Six Pack


Sometimes, all I need is that little bitty glimpse, and all is right with the world. Then again, maybe I’m just pathetically horny.

Moment of Zen: A Handsome Man


There are some times, when no matter how crappy you feel, that you can gaze upon a handsome man, and it makes you feel just a little better for getting a glimpse of his beauty. At least, that’s how I feel. Then again, maybe I’m just shallow.

Moment of Zen: Chill Gay Dude


I came across a new blog yesterday, Chill Gay Dude. The blogger is named Travis. He’s a pretty typical 18 year old guy, but he’s gay and nobody knows it. He started his blog to get some stuff off his chest, as most of us do, and share this part of my life, anonymously. It’s a new blog, but if you read through his posts, I think, like me, you will be reminded of those early years of life in the closet, when your horny, perving on your guy friends, and scared to death that someone might find out.

Moment of Zen: HRH


With my headaches these last few days, my moments of Zen have all included my cat, HRH. She is a wonderful companion who knows how to comfort me in my time of pain. There are few things as comfortable as cuddling with a kitty, unless it it cuddling with a cute guy like in these photos.





All photos in this post are from Cute Boys with Cats20130719-224906.jpg